I have been receiving ESA and have had my medical so I am on the higher rate but I have been put on a return to work placement. Neither my Neurologist nor my MS Nurse think I am fit enough for work but they listen to a random doctor who spent twenty minutes with me and knew nothing about me or the fact I have RRMS. What am I supposed to do!!!
At a meeting about getting work the other day I found out if I don’t go to interviews or apply for jobs my ESA will be stopped! I don’t know what to do :cry:

A very sad and stressed Becca (after all this my symptoms went crazy :frowning: )

Hi Becca.

If you have just heard this, then you must appeal. You don’t have long to do this, so don’t waste any time.

It seems to be pretty common practice to put everyone in a category at least one below the one they should get. They hope that people won’t appeal and the total money they pay out will be less. It’s disgusting!

Get yourself some proper support for the appeal. People with experienced helpers are very successful in appealing. People who try it on their own are much less likely to win. Try the CAB as a first port of call. There are other organisations who can help too, but I’m afraid I don’t know too much about it. One thing I would recommend is joining the benefitsandwork website - it is a mine of brilliant info.

You could try posting on the Everyday Living forum too - people on there with lots of experience of this whole thing (much more than me).

Good luck!

Karen x

Thank you Karen I will do that. You always help me thank you so much :slight_smile:

You’re very welcome :slight_smile: