Surprise from ESA

Hi as I have seen a few posts regarding peoples concern with regard to claiming ESA I thought it would be useful to share some surprising news. I am currently appealing ESA after a medical and being placed into the WRAG ( work related activity group), this appeal ahs been adjourned once, cancelled once and now being held on the 24th of this month.

Today I have had a letter from DWP to say that due to a change from the end of December I have been placed into the Support Group. No medical no new information and no contact from me. I had been told that I was due another medical assessment and had completed another form for the medical which was done early in November. So I will assume that the change was with regard to a reassessment on the basis of the last questions.

What I find surprising is that the information provided on the questionnair in November was the same as the previous medical questionnair, well as far as I can recollect. No new medical evidence or anything like that. My hope is that the reveiws that have been occurring have influenced the policy makers and a more realistic appraisal is occurring for claiments.

I just wanted of offer some reassurance to those concerned with claiming that it may take a while but you will be listened to and given the support you need.

Take care



That’s great news Deb - congrats!

From what I can tell, ATOS automatically put people in the level below the one their questionnaire etc actually warrants in the hope that they won’t appeal. I wonder how many people who appeal actually have to go through the whole process? I bet there’s a system that says “If they complain and don’t seem to give up, let them have what they should have.” Cynical? Oh yes!

Love the rocking chair analogy btw - I may well nick that!!!

Karen x

Thanks Karen, Yep thought it was a good analogy and your more than welcome as I borrowed it from FB.



Thanks for a good and positive post. It does show there are good, as well as bad stories out there.

luv Pollx

Im in the same situation, I applied for ESA the 16th may 2011, I didnt’ have my medical untill the 28th dec 2011, I got dignossed with PPMS on the 21st december and I got a letter from ATOS saying because I am able and cappable of walking 500 yards even though I can but after sitting down and resting aswell that I aint acceptable for that benifits, so I have therefore been declined… I am now in the middle of appieling and I went to give some medical evidence to the jobcentre for them to fax throught and they was even shocked when I told them I got declined so at the moment untill they sort that out I aint on any income.