group !!

Hi all Just got the letter…yyyyyyyeeeeeesssssss !! What a relief. Xx

Hello Mrs H, Lovely news xx :slight_smile: I haven’t applied for anything as I know what the outcome will be. I’ve just had a rant on EL. I am so pleased for you. Apologies for my moan. Sam xx

Wow and wow again!

Ab fab news!

Did you have to have a medical?

luv Polllx

Hi No medical for me. Sent the form back with loads of supporting evidence from OT, nurse, speech therapist, GP and neuro. Plus I had already been awarded high rate mobility DLA and contribution based ESA, which probably helped too. I am so relieved, I actually nearly cried when I opened the letter. I am on half pay now. Xx Ps don’t apologise for moaning, Sam…I’ll go have a look now !! X

Great news :slight_smile: The trick is that supporting evidence. Karen x

Thanks Karen. Evidence gathering I’m good at !!! Hopefully this post will help others in the process if applying too. Catherine xx

LOL - hadn’t thought of that :slight_smile: Kx

Well done Mrs. H!!!

Still haven’t had my ‘call up’ papers yet… but had a neuro appointment couple of weeks ago and made sure I went through everything so that I can get good supporting letter when I need it. And luckily MS nurse was there as well.

Wonderful relief for you… enjoy the weekend,

Pat x

Thanks Pat. Xx