employment and support benefit!!!

Hi everyone, hope you are all doing ok?, i haven’t been on for a while as just tiddling along with life best i can.

I got a letter last week about my employment and support benefit stopping at the end of the month!! i thought all this time i was on the support group, but obviously wasn’t . i havent seen anyone for over a year and the last contact was november when i was told i was still getting my payments. the last medical i had was 2 and a half years ago. i phoned and was advised to appeal, but call this morning from local office and she said better if i have a medical, is that better? she sais as i have not seen anyone for that long and that i have higher rate mobility, she will put me in for a medical. why do we always have to fight for things , when people who can’t be bothered to work get it handed to them on a plate without any questions!!?? im happy to go for a medical, but its just an added stress, i will worry now till i get it. i worry as i still dont have a proper diagnosis and that always puts a stumbling block. iwhen i was first ill 3 years ago my work had an insurance policy for people who were not able to work due to illness or incapacitated , i got it for a year but after a year they decided since i dont have a proper dx they were stopping!!! my work are still appealling after a year!! more medicals dr letters ect, i dont mind as i have nothing to hide, what u see is what u get, but we are always questioned and have tofight to survive, its just not fair. my husband works, but we are definately not well off and surviving on his pay allone is hard ,but we manage. anyone had the same trouble/

Hi Moggie x I don’t know anything about this topic as I’m not quite there …yet!!!

I’ve seen posts in the Everyday Living Forum on this and they are very knowledgeable - if I was you I’d cut & paste it there xxxxjenxxxxx

Hey moggie.

Ok I know some about benefits as I work in the volunteer sector and help people with this type of thing,well at least get them the information.

Please go to the medical.If you dont go you will loose money.Any letters coming from the benefits agency usaly say if you do not attend you could loose money,they love to threaten you.

Make sure you have a list of all meds and amounts you take,inform your neuro,GP,MS nurse,Occupational Therapist of the medical and the ESA planning to stop your money.Also ask them for support letters ASAP as this will help your case.Make sure you have as much offical paper work from your service providors as possible.

If your memory is as fuddled as mine is write a list of all your symptoms,so when you get to the medical you will not miss anything out.

Now I am not sure about the medical but I have recently had the letter about changing me over to ESA.I have asked for a home visit to be assesed.Ring the ESA and ask is it possible you could have a home visit.They DO home visits,there are many people out there unable to travel like myself who are entitled to a home visit.

Another thing they say you can appeal once,this is untrue you can infact appeal twice it will got to a higher up the chain person to be looked at a again.If you appeal make sure you send copies of all your paper work to help your case.

Never just roll over and take what they say to you as gosspel.Always fight back.

I am afraid to say we have no choice but to fight for our rights,fight for the help we need.It is a struggle and it drags us down and reduces us to tears.I know I have been there many times.

I wish you good luck and please do not give up…


HiI live in scotland so maybe its different here but I really think it is UK. I was on work related ESA got a phone call to say stopping 30 April, I phoned immediately and was told there can be no appeal if you partner is working tough luck was the attitude. They told me I would have to appealed at the time when I was put on work related which means they think you will be able to work agaIn I was angry because in January this year I got a letter saying I have been awarded my ESA until April 2013 yet because of this government they can just stop it. What I do want to say is when your money stops on 30 april you can apply for jobseekers allowance £66… a week you will have to sign on at jobcentre every 2 weeks hopes this helps any questions feel free to contact me.