ESA support group!

Hello, I hope you are all as well as possible. Just wanted to update you all on my ESA saga, I applied in may 2013, and this morning I got a phone call, saying I have been put into the support group. Yay! I feel like a 10 tonne weight has been lifted of my shoulders, and just in time for Christmas too! Love Bex xxx

good news Bex,please to hear it.

J x

Great news for ya X

fab news.


great news hopefully all the back pay they owe you comes in time for Christmas or the sales. katy

Excellent news Bex-what a relief or you.

Merry Christmas


I won’t get any back pay, as I have been as normal while waiting. Don’t know if i am on contribution based or income based yet? Does anyone know how I find this out?. It is a massive relief xxx

I’m contributions based because I have a nursing pension and my husband also has an income.

People on low incomes are on income based.

When I say low income, I mean earnings and how much tax one pays/paid…its all gobbledygook to me

I don’t have any other income, apart from DLA xxx

You should be put in the income related group then. When you get your letter it will explain everything.

Being in the income related support group of ESA gives you automatic access to help with other things. For example free prescriptions.