As some of you know I have been sick from work since April this year, fortunately I have been awarded I’ll health retirement and I officially retire Dec 23rd.

On the 18 th November just two weeks ago tomorrow, CAB filled in my form for ESA which I posted the same day. The postman has just brought me a letter telling me I have been placed in the support group! I am simply amazed this has all happened so quickly and without any hiccups.

Due to my pension they will take most of the benefit off me but that’s ok I am lucky to have a pension and no one can take that away.

Hope all those waiting to hear or about to fill the forms in get as quick a response as I did.

Merry Christmas.

Jan x

PS I recieved another letter telling me I was getting a £10.00 Christmas bonus as well


Hi Janhhh Great news re ESA. If it’s contribution based ESA I don’t think your pension will affect it, as I think it would only affect income based ESA. If you’re applying for PIP, that’s not means tested either. Missylala x

It is contribution based and they take private pension into account but not savings, I believe it’s the other way round for income related ESA. It is what I expected, I’m just relieved to have been placed in the support group.

I can’t believe how quickly the dealt with it, I feel I can put it to the back of my mind and just get on with my life now.

Thanks Missylala

Jan x

That’s great news Jan! An early Christmas present

Thanks Blossom, CAB are now on my Christmas card list, they were so helpful filling the form in for me

Jan x