I'm in ESA Support Group!

Hi gang, just had the phone call. I’ve been put in the support group for 3 years… I think that takes me up to getting my pension.

Huge relief!!!

Pat xxx


Congratulations Pat and nice to see that justice has been done.


Really happy for you Pat, must be such a big relief



That’s great news Pat and as you say such a relief specially as it brings you to retirement.

Jan x


Hello Pat,

That seems quite a quick decision from the time you sent in your form. I got my notification by letter with no time limit which makes me curious. Never mind, the important thing is that you have it and it must be a relief. Let’s hope it encourages others to go through the application process.

I won’t start ranting about the current benefit squeezing and the growing gap between ordinary folk and posh boys (the hugely patronising government ministers who assume that disability is a sign of human weakness and we all need a lesson of severe hardship and cruelty to bring us to our senses because they were made to go out running in the cold and had to play beastly rough sports at public school), as I’m on medication for high blood pressure!

Anyway I hope you’re feeling good and wish you well, Steve x.


Hi Pat

Great news, must be a load off your mind.

I agree with what you say about this government Steve, they certainly don’t live in the real world but there is an election coming up.

Mags xx


Well that’s good news, must be a weight off your mind.

You can relax and enjoy yourself now.



Brilliant news Pat, so pleased for you.

Pam x

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Yes!! Well done!

Kev x

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Thank you gang. I can’t quite believe it. Didn’t expect to hear for ages.

Once again following the guide on Benefits and Work has been a huge advantage.

I’ve saved copies of everything as next year my DLA ends and it will be a PIP application.

Oh well that’s next year. For now I can sit back and relax and no more worry about hearing something heavy come through the letterbox!

Have a nice evening,

Pat xx


Well done Pat,

bet its such a relief for you.

J x


Great news Pat

Pauline xx

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Well done Pat, I’m so pleased for you, must be a huge weight off your mind

Love Nina x


What a relief that is Pat. Really pleased for you. It doesn’t mean you’ll be wealthy but like you say, not waiting for that heavy envelope to thump on the doormat is a huge relief. I always photocopy my forms as trying to fill what seems like a novel out within a deadline makes me very stressed and depressed. At least you’re sorted now, that deserves a drink.

Cath x

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Hi Pat

That’s great news, at least you can relax a bit now

Mac xx

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I like this post. It’s positive. Good things happen in time to counter all the wrongs.

Perfect timing too. Christmas is coming. Be happy

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