Oh guys…just had a call from DWP…my claim has been successful…I have been placed in the support group of ESA!!!

The award is for 3 years…most of us didnt know how long it is for, when this has been posted about before…maybe because I am 60 and will get my state pension in 2.5 years.

That will be why the caller said I wont have to fill in forms in again. I never thought I`d be glad to be old!!!

Oh today is turning out soooo welll for me.

Sorry to crow about my good fortune when others haven`t been so fairly treated.

luv Pollx

Brilliant news poll! Don’t feel guilty that things have finally happened for you - you’ve had to wait for them! And even when people are having a bad time of things we still wish everyone else well :slight_smile:

Fantastic Poll, don’t feel guilty, you have loads to put up with.

Great to hear some good news.

Pam x

I said, keep the faith, didn’t I ? Good things do happen. Xx

I just logged on and it’s so good to hear someone getting Good News! Never feel guilty - I’m cheered up by your good fortune and happiness. It’s put a smile on my face - and that’s something! :slight_smile: I’d suggest buying a lottery ticket for tonight’s draw with the day you’re having! Xxxx

Fantastic news, and so deserved. Well done Polly! Hilary x

Fantastic news Poll ,bet your so pleased.

jaki xx

Wow, more good news!! Really pleased for you Poll :slight_smile: Sam x

Thats fantastic news. You deserve it

Well done Poll such a weight off your mind.

Splendid news Poll,and now we all know where we can borrow a crayon if we aren’t as fortunate.That has to be a weight off even though it might take a while to fully sink in and then other things will change


Wb xx

Brilliant news Poll x

Yay, brilliant, great news!

That is brilliant news Poll! Love Sara x

glad for you Poll x

Although it would have been a travesty of the first order if you hadn’t got into the support group it’s a tremendous relief to have it confirmed.

I went round all day saying “support group and no medical!” until I drove everyone barmy.

Well done!


That’s great news, Poll. I’m so pleased for you.


Wonderful news Poll and such a relief eh?

Mags xx

Poll I am so very pleased for you!!!

Well done hon… your news has made my day!

Pat x

I am so pleased for you Poll. You deserve to be happy.

Well done you!!

Shazziwe xxx