Oh. My. God!

OMG great news and i just had to share! -a guy from DWP just rang me to tell me they have reviewed my appeal and are awarding me full enhancement for both parts!!! yipeeeee!

i can’t believe it, this has been going on since September last year - now i will FINALLY be able to get a motorised chair and get out of these four walls by myself and start LIVING my life!

i am SO happy, i am actually shaking!!!


oops! didn’t realise that image was SO big!!


Easy Tiger!

Which pub are you starting in?


So pleased for you well done and enjoy your new found freedom.

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Oooooooooooh. Well done. Hooray and all that. With news like that your image can be a huge as you like. Do you know yet how long the award is for? Hopefully 10 years. Fingers Xd.

Sue x

You’ve given me nightmares again!!! So happy babes, told you it would be ok!!!xxxxxxx

I`ve only got a small one


congratulations soo!

did you have to go to tribunal?

carole x

(with none at all)

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Fantastic news! Make sure they back-date it.

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Great news Soo. The 4 walls have been replaced with a huge disco ball.


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Fab news chuck.

Are you going to buy a chair or get one on Motability.?

Can I offer some advice, but you dont have to take it.

My current chair has a reclining back and tilting seat and leg rests that raise too.

I could`ve bought one for 2.5k, but thought Motability was a good idea. It wasnt. By the time the 3 year lease is up, I will have paid around 4k for it! And worst of all, I dont get to keep it…so I am hoping wheelchair services will offer me an alternative.

I have an assessment next week and the lease ends in January.

Enjoy your new chariot hun!


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brilliant news, enjoy your new found freedom.

Love the cartoon


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Haha! To say I am still a bit giddy would be an understatement!

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Thankyou x

I don’t know yet Sue, was too much in shock to ask! Lol but he said I’ll be getting all the paperwork in about 7 days xx

Awe thanx Trace ad thankyou for being there- you have kept me sane in my most pessimistic moments! xxx

Like it! ^^

No! I actually just had a call from welfare rights the day before about arranging a day to come see me about going through my case! I’m so relieved won’t have to go through all that now xxx

Oh they are - he said they were backdating it to last September, which is even earlier than I thought they would but that’s when my DLA ended so they go from that apparently!

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Hell yeah they have! I been hair dancing ever since!