new wheelchair

Hallo all.

Next Thursday I have someone coming to let me see if I like the Pride Fushion wheelchair.

My current chair is from Wheelchair Services and I have been on their waiting list for months, after asking for a re-assessment. I have had this chair for over 2 years and feel it isnt right for my needs now.

I rang WS to ask how much longer I have to wait to be seen and it seems my local office has closed and merged with a larger neighbouring authority…great…an even longer waiting list!

So I have researched this new chair I like the sound of and have decided that if I want one, I`ll get it via motability and pay the £27 a week out of my DLA…gonna feel the loss of the money for heating over the winter, but if I want a new chair, this is what I have to do.

The Fushion tilts, reclines and has electrically raised leg rests.

Anyone got one?

luv Pollx

Sounds fab Poll, only a shame you have to pay yourself.

Just make sure you have the spikes added to the wheels of your new chariot. Our Boudica has a reputation to live up to


I will look these up. Waiting lists are never ending and you are always in one with our long term conditions. I hope when they come and demonstrate this it is all you need.

Looks good Poll.

Like JBK says make sure you customise it to show your brilliant personality and that you won’t stand any nonsense!! Could you have flashing lights fitted? Hehehe.

Shazzie x

Sounds fab polly hope you get it without having to use the motobility to get it can you look around and see if there is anywhere you can get a grant for one, ie was your hubby in the forces can you ask saffa for help ect.

Im having problems getting out at the moment too i have an outdoor platform lift that i use to get my scooter out its been playing up now for 3 weeks at one point i was stuck on it 5 feet in the air and it was totally dead couldnt go up or down and the gate wouldnt open i had to be rescued to get off it, now theyre waiting for a part for it ive not been out for 2 weeks.

But enough about me i hope you get the new chair it will change things for you immensley i bet your looking forward to this .


Sounds fab Polly. I’m getting a new chair from wheekchair clinic. Mine skready tilts but I wanted the elevating legs so I can apply ice packs when I’m at hospital waiting hours for fptransport. Mine won’t recline but it has a riser so I can reach into cupboards and supermarket shelves. Only bad thing is despite a clinical need for elevating kegs I am paying £1560 for the additions to the standard one,

I looked up yours online and it does look good but I don’t think the rear wheel drive is for me - mine is midwheel.

Hope all is straufhtforward

susi xx

Hi all.

I signed the motability forms on Tuesday and the chair is the easy bit to get, the rep said…3 days.but he cant deliver it to me until the motability guys have done their checks that I am a real DLA receiver! Oh yeh, I love not having the use of me legs!

Susi, the chair I am getting will have manually raising legrests…they dont do electric raisers now…which I wanted! I am having a kerb climber added, but it is a free gift from the dealer!

Wow! That`s a chunk of brass for your extras!

Want my new chair NOW or even yesterday! How long will yo have to wait?

luv Polx

Just googled the Pride Fusion - looks fab Poll - did you shop around - as CareCo Support have it on offer £1.695. with the vat relief.

Hi Frances. I looked at careco…they don’t do motabilty or finance. I don’t have the cash at the most.

Cheers gun

Luv pollx

Hi again…update;

my mobility papers came yesterday and I have got the go-ahead. I`ll be ringing the dealer in the morning…he did say he could get the chair within 3 days…so it should be with me by Thursday…excited! Who would ever think we would be excited about a wheelchair…


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