Finally had wheelchair appointment

Yay ! Finally got measured up for my new wheels. There’s a huge 18 week wait here, that’s the downside to it. But at least it’s in the pipeline :slight_smile: xx

Good for you! Hope the next 18 weeks goes quick for you

Rosina x

Thanks :slight_smile: I’m just glad it underway. Got time to order my go faster stripes :wink: xx

Good luck Beverly. Will you be getting L plates?

I impatiently went ahead and bought mine for part-time use, after some weeks of research. I feel that someone needs to create Wheelchair Drivers Licences. I tested out courtesy ones at Tesco and the Natural History Museum first. Easy indoors, on a smooth level floor. Good luck Beverly! Are you getting a self-propelled or powered chair?

Thanks everyone :slight_smile: they are going to try to get a powered one. The prob I have is that my home is impossible to get a wheelchair round. The doorways are too small and the angles they are at are no good, according to the OT. To get a powered chair you have to use it indoors, so they are going to argue that I would use it indoors if I could. So I’m not sure. I’ve opted for a self propelled as well as being able to be pushed, in case I don’t get the powered one. On the plus side, a mate of my husbands has got a mobility scooter and said I can have it when he’s recovered from his broken leg. So, I should have wheels withing the next few months.

ive used a chair before and self propelling is alright on a flat, smooth, lever floor. But, uphill? Forget it :slight_smile: I nearly rolled backwards lol. I’m slowly but surely getting what I need but it’s been one heck of a wait. On the plus side also, I got my DLA this morning. I only sent it 3 days ago! How quick is that? Xxxx

Excellent news Beverly! really pleased for you

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Hi Beverly, is there any chance you’d be eligible for a grant to adapt your home? I felt certain I wouldn’t be but was pleasantly surprised once my OT got involved, now I’m able to use my power chair very easily indoors…just a thought.

Rosina x

Unfortunately I can’t do much to my home as I privately rent this house, so there’s no way I can do it. Annoying but hey ho xx