new wheels.....fingers crossed

Hi all.

Had a test drive and assessment of the Pride Fushion wheelchair today…like it…a lot!

The electric tilt and recline are great…just what I need as I spend a lot of hours in my wheelchair. Now waiting for a call from Motability and the new chair will be ordered. I have asked for the electric legrests too.

If all goes well, it`ll be with me in a couple of weeks or so.


hi poll

congratulations on your new chariot!!!

hope everything goes smoothly

carole x

just in time for Christmas Poll. I hope you have great adventures with it hun

JBK xxx

Sounds marvellous, no speeding though we don’t want to see you on Newsnight bombing it down Blackers high street

Actually I think that would be a great thing to see on Newsnight

Jan x

Poll, How exciting - new wheels! - And more comfortable by the sounds of it.

Pride is a good make - l had one of their scooters - for years - before l changed to Tramper. lt was a Pride Ranger - used in USA for golf buggies.

Happy new wheels! xx


Polly xxx

Fab news Poll enjoy!

Freckles xxx