Hiya gang!

Yeah, I got my new wheelie on Friday. Oh is it better… Is it different …oh yes! It’s superdooper!

And a funny but good thing is, that I think I look slimmer in it!!! I know, crazy in it! It has padded legrests with calf supports, so my legs any knees are positioned closer together… Mmm far more ladylike and less slapper looking! Eee I bet that’s caused a titter or two!

So now, instead of going to bed for a rest, I stretch out, kick me legs up, lay back and grab 40 zzzzs!

Great in it!

Luv pollyxx


Sounds ideal, so pleased you are happy with it. can just imagine you causing bedlam on the streets.

Jan x

I am so pleased for you Poll. You deserve it!!

Shazzie xx

Good to hear you’re happy with your new ‘wheelie’ yah make me laugh Poll

I’m delighted for you Polly! I bet you’ve always been ladylike!

Freckles xxx

I’m so glad you’re pleased with it Poll. Let us know how you’re getting on with it? Will you be able to take it on your trips? Enjoy. Linda x

Hi Boudica

sounds great. are you going to ‘pimp it’ for christmas? i really hope so. both the kids at my school AND my own kids are planning on pimping my crutches (i know it sounds wrong) with a christmas theme.

have fun fluffy xxx

Well done - sounds like it will make a really positive difference to you. So pleased for you.