only me :-(

so… i get a trike delivered - at the height of cool me :-p - so that i can still go on bike rides with my kids despite my balance problems. went on a test run only to find i hadn’t been as successful at putting bits together as i had proudly thought…the saddle slid down and when i turned the handle bars the wheel didn’t turn with them… i have fallen off a bl**dy trike!!!

thought i’d give you a giggle as i’m sure i’ll see the funny side of it soon…when my pride recovers :frowning: xxx

Oh hun! I`m not laffing at you. Hope you feel better and get back on yer bike…after it has been properly put together, that is.

luv Pollx

I’m not laughing either. Much…!! Thank you for sharing…it made my day !! Xx

thanks poll…i did get back on! still really freaky though with my balance issues but i’ll get there :slight_smile: glad it made you chuckle mrs h - my own son was weak with laughter too :slight_smile: xxx

Hi Vicky

When your balance deserts you, your pride takes a few knocks. Good on you for getting a trike, putting it together, brightening our (and your son’s ) day and then dusting your self off and trying again. You cheered me up, thanks.

Min xx

I have fallen off a trike that was properly put together, by trying to go round a corner too fast. So that’s one to watch for too.

I don’t have balance problems but problems getting my leg high enough to get it on the higher pedal - have a bicycle with a motor on it so I can get going and then get my foot up. Have fallen off more times than I can count but worst injury only a black eye (so far).