Is it me?

My scooter got delivered today. One delivery driver, no tail lift on the van - he actually asked if there was anybody that could help him to get the box to the house! I resisted an overly sarcastic response and said “I’m sorry, there’s just me and I’m not able - it’s a mobility scooter, I ordered it for a reason”. He complained a bit, but got the box out of the van (it’s one of the lighter ones at 60kg) and walked it to the bottom of the front step where I said I’d be able to sort it. Silly me. I ordered it online and in all the pictures of the thing (in the unser manual too), it is broken down into component parts, so I thought I’d be able to take it out bit by bit. No such luck. There’s the base, the seat and the front basket. I can’t lift the base out of the box, so now I’m waiting for one of my friends and my brother to come and take it out of the box for me so I can charge it. it needs charged for 24 hours the first time, so I think I’m just going to have to leave it outside, upturn the box over it and the extension lead and plug it in through a window. I think I’m also going to have to order ramps for the thing to be able to get it into the car.

What a pest!

Luisa x