Can't ride a bike

So, I can’t ride a bike. I can’t balance enough to get started. So it’s not about the strength. I see others on here talking about riding. But I have huge issues with balance.

I’m currently being tested for MS, but I do have a lesion on my 4th ventricle which does affect balance. I just wondered if there was anyone else who can’t ride a bike due to balance. I also can’t do that thing where you put one foot in front of the other to walk, and I struggle to stand on one leg.


Have you considered getting a trike to overcome those balance issues?

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I can’t ride a bike either - although I can to the one foot in front of the other thing, a bit wobbly but OK apparently.

I used to be able to ride a bike but gradually lost the ability to lift first one and then the other foot up on to the pedals. My balance was fine, the last time I was able to cycle - probably not so now.

I was heartbroken when I had to stop cycling but I’m OK with it now, pretty much (life is loss). I haven’t got rid of my electric bike, so there’s obviously some little bit of my brain that hasn’t completely accepted that cycling is over for me.

i had a three-wheeler for a while. I’d say they’re definitely worth having a look at. They do need a little bit more power in your legs than bicycles to get them going, just because they’re a bit heavier. Try before you buy.

hello Holly Parker. my balance is pantz 2 & ma eyes aint so good now either! i always rode push bikes when young! then m/bikes road & enduro ect ect, now 49yrs my MTB has a training stand under it i no longer have to worry about falling off or wobbling into the path of that bus, js put some tunes on, climb on ma bike close ma eyes & peddle js let my imagination be ma sat nav when i get tierd, theres a handy sofa

we must all make the best of the crap deal we get

this afternoon im going up Mam Tor, & over some lanes i know very well then back down into Castleton & i know itz not going rain!!

julien xx

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Ah yes, balance issues. The physio gave me some exercises - walking heel to toe across the room - but I couldn’t do it more than two or three steps without losing balance! Still practising… not so bad on physical strength, just the balance issues. Working on it…

And I was the same; used to ride any motorbike that was put in front of me if I could reach the floor with at least one toe… but balancing on one leg while trying to throw the other leg over a tall bike… I think not!! Trikes are the way forward, I think. Just another thing to add to the growing list of stuff this Damn Disease takes from us.

That sounds like a lovely ride. I’d like to do that too. Quite a lot of hills around there tho. Sadly I can’t ride any kind of bike - trouble getting my leg over (that too) not to mention balance and crappy legs plus feet that won’t stay on pedals. I tried one of those foot cycle things for the wheelchair bound, but couldn’t keep my feet on the pedals. Now I occasionally use it for hand cycling. Maybe I’ll give your route over Mam Tor a go next time I do that.


I’ve often thought an adult size tricycle would be fun! As a wee girl (4) I had one, red with room for messages or dolls in the back and a push stick for when my wee legs got tired.

I think it could help or a tandemM

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There are several trikes on the market with electric motors, which sounds ideal for when your legs need a rest.

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I remember those, that’s not a push stick, more like a set of toddlers reins, and if you don’t remember them, think dog lead! wink

My wife (with MS) can no longer ride a bike, but the first problems that she had were mostly to do with stopping, she just couldn’t touch down with her foot quickly enough when she stopped and consequently fell over. Five times in about 400 yards on Hurst Spit was probably a record.

Bicycle is the good for health and environment. [removed by admin]

An indoor bike works for balance issues. As you have something to hold onto and you are not moving. I have found it does`nt wear you out either. I wouldn’t go out on the road cycling. That would be suicidal.

I haven’t been able to ride a normal bike for a good few trike. Like others, I was ok when moving but reached the point that I couldn’t react quick enough when I needed to put my feet down after stopping. Yet another MS milestone. I also had a try out on a trike but still didn’t feel steady as I wasn’t leant heavily to one side or the other. I’ve had a static bike in the house which, whilst it isn’t quite the same as being on a normal bike, at least lets me get some exercise. Derek

So you can’t ride a bike. Not to be a party-pooper, it ain’t the end of the world. Exercise? try tai chi, swimming all gentle but thourough work outs. Getting around? can you walk?

there are some extremely zippy wheelschairs and trike on the market now. Come to the next MS Life and be amazed.

This was one of my symptoms, although I didn’t know it, my balance is rubbish, I was dx’d 11yrs ago now, x