Bikers With MS

Hi folks we have made a group called Bikers With MS , we are a pretty niche bunch as most folks with MS or ON would distance themself from a bike or 2 or 3 wheels , we are just nutters , we want the group to grow to a place where we can support and give hints tips and tricks and share our secrets to staying on 2 or 3 wheels the group is open to anyone and bikers riders or pillions and trikers or ex-bikers or current please do support us and help us to help others in the long run we have also added MS Soceity groups to our forum directory so folks know how to find you regards

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Baa ram ewe Sheep !!! How are yer ? Don’t have a bike, but the nutter bit attracted my attention ! Will be checking out the Facebook tonight… which area are you all from ?

Interesting. I have ridden motorbikes for years, but my balance is not good now, and I don’t dare… but certainly considering a trike. If I can find a decent one, I may take to that instead. Best bike I ever owned was a Ducati 900SL, a much more capable bike than I am a rider; but the Italian-ness of the whole thing takes some dealing with, and I didn’t have the energy to keep up with it any more. So I passed it on to a friend who had expressed an interest after taking it out for a session or two on a track day, and he’s still got it and still riding the pants off it. Only right and proper; they’re there to be used, not gathering dust in my garage! But today has been a bit of a nightmare; hottest day in Yorkshire since records began, I gather, and I’ve been fit for nowt today as it is… certainly don’t want to be getting into leathers to put the tin lid on it!

I cannot ride 2 wheels now due to the balance problems. I’m looking to get a Harley Davidson Trike at some point when the finances allow.

I went on the back of my mates trike. Very cool. I put my hair into bunches and looked like the Nesquick bunny going through town (I have long hair normally on single pony tail…) :wink:

I’m sat here staring at that post like, “…wut?” xD

I’m sure you looked adorable, Andy. <3

Excellent do come join up we are i think at present sat at 338 members worldwide in varying grades and stages of MS and ride anything 2 or 3 wheeled incl scoots, anyone is welcome and if ever you decide to go down the route of a trike we have several trike members in the group 1 is extremely knowledgable and i am my areas rep for the NABD disabled biker charity that can help in support and in various other ways

Respect sheep

Selling my bike - not happy, but balance issues and lack of feeling down left side (hand/arm/leg/foot) are forcing my hand somewhat.

Saw a trike only yesterday and thought - yep, I could run with that, or bike & sidecar - Wallace & Grommet time methinks!

Which out of the two options would end up being the most useful? I guess both have the capability to carry a fair amount of “stuff”.

So much Wensleydale…

HA! Yes, that sprang into my mind too xD

Hey Teresa i reckon a motorcycle and sidecar done like Wallace & Gromitt would be well cool and start alot of conversations at the various bike nights you could goto be awesome i reckon

Respect sheep

Don’t know for sure, but I’m guessing the trike would be less awkward in its handling, than a bike and sidecar combo, as it’s more centralised and symmetrical. I know sidecars skew the handling something wicked - my other half has had a bike and sidecar combo, and got the hang of it eventually… but the one time someone else tried riding it, they nearly wrapped it round a tree before heading towards the ditch at a rate of knots! I’m told the trick is that to turn left, you throttle up so the bike “overtakes” the sidecar, and to turn right, the opposite is true - throttling off so the sidecar is ‘overtaking’ the bike. This is just what I’ve gathered from Himself though, I’ve never ridden one. (And don’t fancy it, either, if I tell the truth!) And it’s assuming that the sidecar is on the left of the bike.

Oh wow, that sounds intimidating. I’d say the trike option wins hands down then!