Bikers With MS

Hi folks to any fellow bikers or trikers out there ive made a group on Facebook called Bikers With MS for us MS sufferers that feel the wind in their hair or goatee to try and get a group together that can share their stories or experiences of life on 2 or 3 wheels with MS

respect sheep

Hi sheep Is it a closed group mate Gray

Hi Gray no mate will go check but open to everyone and anyone buddy :slight_smile:

respect sean

Searched Sean can’t find it

OUTSTANDING! Found it and joined! Also joined NABD!



I hope its okay with admin here but if not please feel free to remove it admin though in this group there will be plenty of links back to this excellent website and forum , here you go Gray heres the link buddy

Good luck with it Sean :slight_smile:

many thanks blossom :slight_smile: and many thanks from myself and NABD allen great to have you aboard buddy :slight_smile:

Hi Sheep,

Good luck with the site… i was a biker in London until I was expecting my first child.

When I went to buy a bike , the man came up to me and asked if he could help. Said I wanted to buy a bike I could touch the ground on!! I’m a petite 5’3’’ (girl) He laughed… I bought a Kawasaki 305gpz belt driven so no nasty oily chain. Rode for 10 years.

Whizzing round town today on a mobility scooter it almost transported me back… minus the helmet of course.

Good luck and safe riding.

Jen x

Yes, good luck.

I’m a (reluctant) ex-rider of a de-restricted Yamaha Exup 1000. It was the bike of my dreams and l loved it to death. Broke my when it went. Sadly, it was the victim of my divorce, but even sadder, I no longer think I would have the strength to keep it upright. I’ll never forget the day I took my advanced and the examiner telling me I “had balls - for a woman” for riding it, but it was a pussycat to ride. Cornered like it was on rails, and the power… awesome :slight_smile:

I often hear bikes roaring down the bypass and absolutely yearn to be on my beloved bike again. I’m tempted to get on FB just to join this group and re-live my glory days vicariously.


Hi Goldrat good on you and even in a scoot your out and about and thats the main thing my friend keep doing what you love , Hi valentyna great stuff yep when i fell ill i sold my zrx1100 and we bought a Porsche loved the car but my true pulling was 2 or 3 wheels so sold it and bought a Harley sportster for dry days and a gpz500 for wet ones (less polishing lol :slight_smile: ) i then became the NABD rep for Cornwall and wow is all i can say , what they do for folks is awesome the adaptions they support are mind boggling and the riders that get a NABD grant for their adaption made me realise that there are some very brave and inspiring folk out there , yep please do signup we dont have many yet but as they say slow grows produce great results :slight_smile: ms & bikers is almost a niche thing due to balancce or weakness i suppose but they do awesome aids and somewhere i will post the link when i can find it in the group theres a company now doing drop down stabalisers that drop down at 30mph and lift when you go over 30 mph giving unbalanced folk a way to still ride, i just hope the group grows into something we can all benefit from, if you cant find it just send me a message on here

respect sheep

Hi sheep, im so glad i read your post, but at same time i feel prety stupid!! stoping riding road bikes was bad enuff, loads of them, then trail riding allover, i thought that would calm things TRF for yrs but!! ( BLA BLA BLA ) but thank you 4 your post, yuv given me the insperation i needed! co js kinda gav up as the M/S did its thing!! ive got 2 very good freinds from ma home in BX Derbyshire who r in NABD but i think i js lost my confidence big time!! but now im comin home with a new mojo!! so t speak , dont know what wheels itz gona b tho??

thanx again dude, stay safe!.catch ya soon, juju,

Hi Sheep Good to see you’ve got stuck in and formed a group. Until November last year I was heavily involved with bikes but I have not got my leg over, so to speak, for sometime now due to weak left arm and foot drop in my left foot, damn this MS. Owning half of two dealerships meant I had the pick of the demos for and for that reason I haven’t got one of my own :frowning: Keep up the great work and enjoy the riding for a long time to come. Best wishes Paul

Hi juju & Paul @juju thankyou my friend if its gets you back on 2 wheels or 3 im chuffed get out there ride slow build confidence on quiet roads somewhere and above all grin buddy and if 2 makes you feel wobbly try 3 and im sure you will be well away @Paul many thanks buddy wow dream position to be in mate id be in heaven with the deaelerships side of things swing yer leg over 2 or 3 wheels and get back that freedom and wind in the hair feeling you used to enjoy as the saying goes “Only a biker knows why a dog sticks his head out of a car window” above all guys stay safe have fun and live for today please do join the group its open and for anyone interested or riding a bike trrike or scoot

respect sheep

sounds good sheep, dvla have taken back my bike license since my dx in 2010, so ive bought a trike a mt01 yamaha and lov it!!! the nabd are brill yhey paid for a clicktronic gear shift for me and its fantastic. gd luck… TC.

Good luck with it sheep

Joined…not that I can ride anymore with my balance :frowning: I see a trike in my future :wink:

Hi TC damn DVLA should let us decide as most folk are level headed enough to make our decision when it comes to 2 wheels perhaps if the group grows we can start petitions etc and act as a group instead of a single rider etc but also share tips for other ms riders , the group is open to anyone with ms biker triker or just interested in bikes etc and the biker lifestyle :slight_smile: beer bikes and a b(&ldy good laugh i hope.

Hi Gray hope you found the group but if not i messaged you my name just do a search im the 1 standing between 2 bikes with a black eye patch :slight_smile:

Hi Dave many thanks & welcome buddy go for it hopefully we can get some trike related stuff posted there soon as im scouring the web :slight_smile:

respect sheep