Bikers With MS ( Non MS Specific)

Hi i hope its okay to post this here we have made a group called Bikers With MS , we are a pretty niche bunch as most folks with MS or ON would distance themself from a bike or 2 or 3 wheels , we are just nutters , we want the group to grow to a place where we can support and give hints tips and tricks and share our secrets to staying on 2 or 3 wheels the group is open to anyone and bikers riders or pillions and trikers or ex-bikers or current please do support us and help us to help others in the long run we have also added your page to our forum directory so folks know how to find you regards

We is all nuts there though you have been warned you will hear the voices soon enough, open to anyone with ms or a carer of someone that has MS or ON and has a love of bikes, trikes, scoots but also pillions who bravely sit on the back we have 560 members to date, and to think this idea was born from reading these boards when i was 1st diagnosed so thankyou MS Society, we support and direect folks here as and when we can respect.

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that’s one of my regrets, i never learned how to ride a motorbike.

now with my balance in such a state it just ain’t going to happen,

anyway, enjoy your bike, your biker friends and your biker group.

carole x

Nice one, I thought I was an ex-biker and then I discovered “The Bike Experience” TBEX put disbled people back on bikes at the track. A huge number of technical hurdles sorted. The humour is awesome, if you have never seen a paraplegic person being shoved into one piece leathers, it can be hysterical. Once out of wheelchairs and on the bikes at the track we looked like any “regular” riders (although we had bicycle toe clips and velcro to stop limbs flying all over the shop. Brilliant fun.

All the best with your group. Cheers Mick

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Thanks folks all welcome to join and never never say never folks as either a rider or a pillion, great your doing the bike experience awesome bud

respect sheep

Hi sheep,I’ve just been diagnosed with ppms, I can’t ride or drive atm, my future plans in my head are to trike up …look mean…and ride everywhere for MS research and related charity 's…put me on ya list matey

Hi Mr T come join up buddy its a lovelly atmosphere oh and full of nutters :slight_smile:

respect sheep