Bikers With MS (Non MS Specific)

Hi folks do you ride do you have a love or 2 or 3 wheels, we have a group called Bikers With MS and sister Trikers With MS and Scooterists With MS , we welcome riders trikers and scooter riders alike and pillions theres something for everyone we are currently 400+ members worldwide and have an impressive members map to boot.

Heres our link, we support thee Society everyway we can by spreading the word and sending folks this way for info see you there respect sheep


I currently ride a Kawasaki Versys 650 KLE. Awesome bike, unfortunately I am having to sell it for something lower as my MS doesn’t allow me to mount it easily anymore.

Wanting to get a Yamaha FZ8 or similar :smiley:

I will check out your group this evening.


Hi buddy yes please do pop over and join buddy we are a diverse bunch riding everything from a Harley to a GSXR1400 to a Trike to a Lambretta oh we is nuts too :slight_smile:

respect sheep (Sean)

I ride on 4 wheels…it`s a Pride Fusion wheelchair!

I doubt this qualifies me to join, but just wanted to say hii!


Hi Poll hope your keeping okay and getting to enjoy some of the summer :slight_smile: that qualifys as im about to make a group called weelies \with ms, so you would fit right in and it would be a pleasure to have you as the 1st member

respect sheep x

Heres a link to the group hopefully it will grow like BWMS has over time anyone in a wheelchair or mobility scoot can join and hopefully it will help someone in the long run

respect sheep