For Bikers With MS

Hi posted before just wanna repost incase any newcomers to the website many thanks

We have made a group for bikers with ms hope its okay to share here hopefully we can combine our ideas tips and tricks and info to keep us bikers upright and riding just copy the link into your browser to find the group or type Bikers With MS in the facebook search bar many thanks

Good luck with the group, hope it goes really well. Haven’t riden for about 25 years, the last time taking may husbands Kwak out and nearly dropping it, but hey the lovely people at DVLA decided I can’t drive anything over 3.5 tonne, but I can ride a 1000cc bike that’s kind of them!

Hi Pat good ole kwaks i love em got 2 kwaks here an old GPZ and a z440 as well as my harley im spoilt for choice , i bet your hubby was very understanding yep just sent my form and letter off to dvla so now waiting for that letter on me door mat saying ive lost my 7.5t and 18t tracked entitlements but in all honesty i cant see me driving a 18t tracked vehicle again if your on facebook feel free to pop along to the group and reminisce at least you still got it there should you choose to ride again and i always say never say never

respect sheep