Anyone on here ride a motorbike?

Hi all
I was wondering if any of you with MS ride a motorcycle?

Rode for years before diagnosis but had to sell it when I became pregnant - can't take a baby as pillion!!

Suppose if balance and eyesight ok then it should be fine - remember you have to tell DVLA.

Happy biking.

Jen x

Would if I could, but I can't. Granted, I only had a moped (a Garrelli) and I was a lot younger and didn't have MS but given half a chance, I would.


Also rode for years until I decided that on a bad day the speed and accuracy with which I could move my right hand was not really up to the sort of bikes I love to ride.

So it was sold and that was that. Saf but there you go.

Or even sad.


Am I missing something or can you not edit a post once it has been submitted?

Apart from some illegal 'official' bike riding in the Army in 19 canteen I haven't. But if the numbers are kind we'll be having a two seat auto Quad bike with small trailer for a small buggy. I've already got the buggy, so the rest should be easy.


There is a thing called a NIPPI which interests me greatly, but I haven't the need for the appropriate chair at the moment. My right hand is the only relatively useful thing remaining,and my car licence is due up in march 2013. I need the licence for the above,but will probably never drive a car again.Oh what fun I'll have with the good folk in Swansea.


I haven't answered the question,just waffled,but it is good for my morale.