Anyone Ride Motorcycles.

Hello all,just wondering if anyone out there rides or used to ride motorcycles.I used to but had a bad accident a few years ago which I don't think was MS related  but because of my dizziness and leg weakness and family pressure  I haven't tried to ride since.I would like to hear about your experiances and if you've continued to ride since you found out you had MS and if you do still ride and how you cope with the MS symptoms.Talk later,Dave.


I used to love being pillion on my husband's motorbike, and I did the cbt and lessons to get my own license, but a week before my test I went blind in one eye, it was optic neuritis and the start of my MS diagnosis.  The sight has never come back fully, so I can't really do lifesavers over that shoulder, which has knocked the bike riding on the head.  I did think about having a go of a trike - I can drive one of them on my car license, and it has the stability for me to turn further to do lifesavers, but other things got in the way, and I haven't been able to try a trike.  Unfortunately, my husband turned out to be an alcoholic and sold the bike about a year before he died, so I haven't been pillion for a very long time - I'm pretty sure I could still do it if I could get onto the bike in the first place, but I haven't had the opportunity to try.

You need to think long and hard about whether you are still capable of driving a motorbike safely before getting on one again - only you will know the answer to that one.

Luisa x

Hi Dave

Have never been in charge of a bike-always pillion.

I have found 2 problems-after about an hour my legs are like jelly when get off the bike-requiring help to get off. (and also back on again!)

My main issues are with my hands tho and some days they are so weak that I cant even get them into my proper leather bike gloves crying2 but being the stubborn madam that I am I found plan B! Which is ski mitts! Someone else can put them on for me without fear of breaking my fingers in the process! And the mitts keep my hands cosy.

I dunno if pillion is an option for u-rather than in charge?

A friend of mine lost both his legs following a motorbike accident. He now has a hand controlled trike! So maybe there is a way-you just have to find what suits you. happy2

Ellie x

Dave I think I read in an MS matters magazine a few years ago about a man who has MS not only does he ride a motorbike but he races one I dont ride one myself I always had an interest.

I go to the bikefest every year down in the south of Ireland I just love those bikes


Hi Dave

I used to ride  till about three years ago when my left leg got to weak i was struggling to change gears

I had quite a heavy bike so just the though of my left leg giving way with the bike and me going over was starting to put me off

i would love to be still riding i miss my old Triumph Tiger


Hi Dave,


Have you seen these;  I'm seriously thinking of getting one.  You probably do not need one but shows you it's possible.



I used to ride motorcycles, and loved it, a car is just a metal box with a wheel at each corner.

Last bike I had was a BMW 80RT. Stopped riding in the mid 1980’s, long before this dam MS thing.

I now have a restricted car but, full unrestricted motorcycle licence again, I will explain.

When I was diagnosed with PPMS in 2003, my motorcycle and hgv licence was revoked, and reduced to car only, unrestricted.

As my PPMS progressed, I voluntarily, changed my car for an auto. My MS Nurse arranged an appointment with the Cornwall Mobility centre, which resulted in an accelerator pedal adaptation being fitted to my car, with the requirement for a driving assessment, which I passed without a problem.

Sent off all the necessary paperwork, to DVLA. A new licence was issued, with the car restriction, to auto, with pedal adaptation. But motorcycle, reinstated, unrestricted ?.

So now looking for a motorcycle, with stabilisers, as fitted to children’s, cycles.  Moto GP, here I come.


Take care.

Chris R.

I. El. (Eng). (Rtd).

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