Pillion Riding

Hey guys first time poster here. My partner has MS and I’m wanting to do the best for her as she deserves it. I was thinking this year of going traveling with her. The problem I’m having is I’m a keen biker and travel with the bike is a lot easier and not to mention cheaper, we’ve discussed it and she’s up for joining me, she’s just worried about the what if’s, things like what if her grip fails etc. I was wandering if any of you guys have advice you can offer or any tips or wisdom you can share? Thank you in advance

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you have just sent me down memory lane so thanks for that!

i am very disabled now so pillion is no longer an option (cant bring myself to get rid of crasher and leathers just yet tho…)

i digress! try 1/2 hour journeys and see how you both cope with that. everybody is so different with ms so my issues are diff from ur partner. holding on for example i never used arms anyway-always legs-so it depends if theres a plan b that she could try. if theres any real specific issues highlighted then i can give ur partner my suggestions bearing in mind they may not work for her.

you will find a way together am sure!


Hi. I’m 53 and was diagnosed with ppms in November. I’ve been riding pillion for the last three years and I love it. I have a lot of problems with my right leg including drop foot and numbness that means I can’t grip with my legs to hold on so my partner has a belt with handles for me to hold. I was having a problem with not actually knowing where my leg was and my foot slipped off the peg while touring Scotland so he fitted a bracket to the foot peg.

The main thing I would recommend is plenty of toilet stops if her bladder is a bit dodgy like mine, it’s also good to stretch the legs. Being on the bike is the only time I can forget ms and when I can no longer climb on he said we can have a sidecar fitted to one of the bikes. Karen

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what bike? if you wanna go on holiday 2 up its gotta be some kind of tourer or at least a sports tourer hasn’t it. Top box would stop her falling off the back wouldn’t it and wouldn’t look out of place on a suitable bike.So unless you are one of these guys that can’t read the road and ride smoothly without constantly braking hard and slamming her head into the back of your Lid don’t think her not gripping that well would be a huge issue and a topbox with a padded backrest for her could possibly make her feel more secure and relaxed without clinging on tight which may have caused further issues for her over a longish ride?.If she is anything like my wife she is only sharing the most obvious symptoms which cant be hidden with you and grip is probably the easiest to work round and find a solution too.Have a real honest chat and take it from there.

My wife is too disabled now to even think about getting on a bike and it was pretty sudden so with no time to get used to it,So in some respects you are both lucky in a way to know of the Ms whilst she is still well enough to enjoy life,get her on that bike for some testing on shorter trips and get a feel for what needs doing and what might be possible,No unrealistic targets of 1500 miles in a day etc, or if you have a longish day would she need a rest off the bike for a few days in between? A Flexible schedule may be needed for a tour, but if she is up for it get her out on that bike enjoying whilst she still can but the wheelies and Stoppies you used to do with her on back might need to stop!


She could put her arms round your waist then you handcuff her.

Cheers for all these suggestions guys, we will have a talk about it, we haven’t been together long and although I know the basics about Ms (paramedic) Im only starting to learn about her MS if that makes sense? Thank you so much for the support