Diagnosed with PPMS this morning. If I’m honest, not unexpected. I have suspected for some time. Neuro was great. Sympathetic without being condescending. I am a 42 year old male. Married with 2 young daughters (7 and 9). The thing is, I’m used to being a bit of a sporty type. Have completed the London Marathon twice and cycle regularly. And used to play a bit of football in my youth. I know my running days are over, but what about cycling? I feel a bit of a fraud telling people I have MS, then jumping on my bike!!! Can I still cycle? Anyone else do it? Any advice on what to expect in the future? I know everyone is different, but what do people recommend to make this easier?

Depending on how your MS effects you I would live each day as normal as possible. If you can ride then do. I get very fatigued and used to cycle 18 miles a day to and from work, now I cant walk up stairs 18 times a day ha ha.

Dont feel like a fraud either, everyone is different and it does effect everyone differently.

If your worried something may happen like falling off e.t.c maybe set up a cycle machine and see how you get on at home, how long you can do e.t.c then plan a route and go with someone. Other than that, their are loads of useful links e.t.c about living with MS on the site.

All the best to you and your family

Hello, Welcome :slight_smile: Sorry for your diagnosis, must be such a shock even if you were expecting it. Have you visited the PPMS section of the forum? Everyone is so lovely. Sam x

Thanks Tom. I’m only worried about falling off if I forget to unclip from my pedals!!!

ha ha, then happy riding, and Marker pen, UN on one hand and CLIP on the other ha ha

Hello and welcome :slight_smile: It’s kind of weird, but a lot of MSers find cycling easier than walking. It’s also great exercise and keeping fit is good for MS so I’d definitely say go for it :slight_smile: Coming to terms with MS slowly stealing away things we like to do is hard, but there’s almost always something else we can do instead and still get a lot of pleasure from. But don’t give anything away without a fight - keep doing things you love until you really cannot do them any more. You never know, that might be never! Just in case no one’s told you: you need to tell the DVLA about your diagnosis (followed by your insurance company once the DVLA have made a decision on your licence (normally they put MSers on a free three year renewable licence) - the insurers cannot put your premium up) and have a good look through your paperwork for anything that might have a critical illness clause (eg your mortgage) - MS is a payable condition. Karen x

Thanks Karen. I definitely find cycling easier than walking. I think I’ve informed everyone I need to (DVLA, car insurance, insurance companies ref Critical Illness cover). My biggest worry is work. Being a Prison Officer I need to be mobile!!! I have no doubt the dreaded ATOS awaits!!! Weird, but I feel relieved. I KNEW something wasn’t right. At least I know I’m not going mad and its all “In my head” as my GP told me.