MS and Motorcycling

Hi I’m new to this forum and I would like some advice , if anyone is able to give it.

My position currently is that I have optic neuritis and my vision is impaired in my left eye. I also have problems with my left arm. I have have been scanned and lesions were found. I am due to have a second scan next week, ( 6 months apart) to see if there is any change. My question is that should I report my conditions to the DVLA, I know people can drive a car with MS but I cannot find any information on riding Motorcylces. Right now I feel safe riding but should things develop or the scan shows up more damage, I will have to review it. Motorcycling is my passion and I would hate to have to hang up my helmet… Anyone out there, been in my position. Many thanks for taking the trouble to read my post …

Many thanks in advance


Hi lammy it’s late now will reply longer tomorrow day buddy i have ON & still ride if you get a chance join our facebook group Bikers With MS

There’s 40 of us now will post here again tomorrow as im a NABD Rep too

respect sheep

Hi Lammy as promised my friend , when i awoke total blind in the left eye the fear of never riding again took hold this was before my DX so was in a whole new world but i did like most blokes went out and bought a Harley , sense would of said wohaaaa stop think but nor i did and was well happy then came the legalities , so i 1st booked myself into see a opthamologist via Drs who checked my good eye since it was total loss in the left i wore a patch and learnt to ride all over again took 5 months before i felt comfortable enough to take the wife on the back.

Okay so i contact my insurance stating i have lost the use of my left eye and they said as long as the right is good and you keep it covered you can ride or drive with an eye patch it didnt effect my insurance premium or covert as long as the bad eye was covered also drop in conversation and its worth doing anyhows that you have a full face lid with visor to protect the good eye as we all know when a wasp or bee hits yer in the eye at 60mph it not only hurts like hell but plays your vision up somewhat for about quarter of an hour or more after ( i swear elephants do fly )

Then ring DVLA i know its an absolute horror trying to ring DVLA but try any number on the options and then say sorry i made a mistake can you please put me through to someone who i can inform about my eye and just tell them youve got ON in 1 eye only (providing this is the case) and you take steps to protect the vision in your right eye when riding , i didnt have to fill out any forms and because it was only 1 eye i was fine to ride and drive , though i do find driving hardwork now so prefer riding as if it looks tight on a bike its is tight

If you have a confirmed DX then you have a legal duty to inform DVLA and fill out there forms etc like ive just done and waiting for their reply

A good contact for further help or support is the charity NABD which if you join our face book group i will post up loads of useful info and contacts for you buddy and if the person is a member then you may qualify for a grant at some point oif you need help but they are also a rack of knowledge when it comes to there being but i wouldnt feel right posting it here as MS Soceity is a charity that also does sterling work and i wouldnt want to take anything from here by posting links to other charities etc i am a Rep for NABD so can help when you join my friend hope something above helps you out and goodluck.

Many thanks Sheep, that is a great help, to be honest I am still riding and hope to carry on for some time yet. I will have a look at the FB page and asked to get added. I am sure that when/if things progress I will review it and discuss with my insurance company.

Once again, thanks for your time to reply.



Yep please do join buddy most of us are still on 2 wheels and we have 2 or 3 trikers but MS pillion’s too , im admin so will approve you as soon as i log on FB yep you will do it when your ready buddy not sure everyone in the group has but its gotta be everyones choice , i did it protect myself just incase i get pull out on or make a mistake etc etc glad it helped look forward to seeing you in the group buddy

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Cheers Sheep, I have sent you a PM on FB… ta

Great to have you in the Group Lammy and for anyone else interested its for Bikers Riders or Pillions that suffer from MS all welcome even if you used to be a biker and wish to support our group thats fine too all welcome

respect sheep

Unfortunately I had to stop riding 2 wheels because of vertigo and retinal vasculitis (was looking to buy a new Harley when MS came along). Wife wants me to to get a trike instead but they are sooo expensive! (Especially for a Harley front-end).

Hi Dave yep they are buddy im looking at importing the trike kit and fitting it to my sportster as soon as the comes i can no longer ride slowly safely as at speed is fine its just slowly i keep leaving my left foot behind every now and again though it soon catches up quite painfully lol join the NABD if you get a chance then if in the future you need an adaption you can ask them for a grant , as for the trike theres loads of projects around which is always an option if you mechanically minded or know a pal who is not harleys is an option theen build up to the harley either way your more than welcome to join the group buddy as you never know what may come your way in the future mate as theres always new doors opening somewhere mate