new wheels!

Evening friends! I see the country is already crawling to a standstill…after seeing at least 3 large snowflakes, eh?

Right…remember I took a wheelie road test recently, yeh? I passed the test on 20th Jan and was told a new electric wheelie would be ordered for me, on 1st Feb and would take about 4-6 weeks to arrive.

Had a letter today…its coming on Thursday! Wheeee........hope Im not snowed in or iced up or I won`t be going out!

Watch out Halifax…I`m coming your way!

luv Pollx

Yahoo Poll, It’s bound to be front page news in your local paper. ‘Has everyone seen this supersonic, speedy woman on her electric wheelie?’ I hope it’s not too snowy up there too as I will await your news about your first trip out eagerly and hope it will be Thursday! I hope you have some good daydreams planning your first trip out. Teresa xx

Hi Poll

That’s brilliant news, enjoy.

Snow has arrived here today, and still going strong after 4 hours! What a bummer.

Take care


Hi, that was quick, good luck with it, sure it will go well. As for the snow, hope it stays away, was sleety snow this morning as we drove out of town but just rain now back in town. Keep us updated please. Cheryl:)

Flippin’ 'eck Poll - that was fast!!!

I hope the snow stays away so it arrives safely

Karen x

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No it’s our Poll and you better get out the way!!!

Well done Poll. Proud of you.

Pat xx

Hi Poll

This is really good news - Halifax and beyond maybe!

Love, Mary

Hi Poll,

Good luck with your new wheels. Hope the snow hasn’t yet hit you, although looking at weather forecast it doesn’t seem to good.

So far it has reached Darford, Kent, just hoping it misses Maidstone!!!

Just be careful and take care.

Love Janet x

Wonderful news Poll



Many tas to all my mates. Im not allowed` to use the wheelie until after the official handover and further instructions come with Peter…on Friday.

Hey Mary, you said Halifax and beyond? Doubt it will get to your house! LOL!

Teresa, if I do make the front page of the local rag, I`ll give you their www you can see me!

Pat…a bird? …a plane? Yeh, tis I!

luvya all.


Well you have at least got it much sooner than you thought! Enjoy the freedom and admire it until then!