watch out, watch out.........Polly`s about!

Evening pals…hope youre all managing to keep warm........its great that the snow and ice are keeping away…hate them!

Well, the title of my post refers to tomorrow…at 12.30, Ill be taking a road test for a new electric wheelie from NHS/Social Services. It will have a kerb climber and I will keep saying kerb crawler`…ooeerrr!

So, if anyone has planned to visit Halifax…wait till after 1.30, eh?

luv Pollx

Uh-oh! :wink:

I’m a pretty long way from Halifax, so if you manage to run me over, you’ve definitely read the map wrong. On the other hand, you’ll have proved the wheelie has outstanding battery life!

Joking aside, I hope the test drive goes well. Is that it; if you like it you can have it?

Or do you basically indicate an interest, and in two years’ time they decide whether they can fund it or not?

Yes, I’m thankful, too, that we’ve not had much ice and snow, so far. Trying to type with crossed fingers, though, 'cos we’ve still got all of February to come, which can be a stinker. I’ve got umpteen cans of soup in the cupboard, and a couple of loaves in the freezer, for if it’s ever really icy, and I can’t go out. At least I’ll be able to have toast and hot soup.

Brrrr - I’m feeling a bit cold talking about it.



Hi , Poll hope your test drive goes ok, sounds like fun, I am miles away from Halifex too but think I might just keep off the roads too, just in case…you just never know with you Poll. Well, it was snowing a bit here earlier today, but it didn’t last long and it didn’t lie, hope it continues that way. I don’t like snow, although I have to say Poll and Tina, I kinda think being in Aberdeen I should be used to it. Was stuck several times in various places in my car last winter, so keen not to repeat it! Tina, perhaps I should stock up on the soup and bread too, what a good idea.Cheryl:)

Hope it all goes well Poll



Hi Poll, good luck, I hope it all goes well. Please try really hard not to run anyone over :slight_smile: Suz xx

Hello Poll,

Enjoy your your ride, just take care and don’t run anyone over…won’t be me as I’m miles away also.

Janet x x

Hi Poll I hope that Halifax is ready for the mean driving machine that is Polly! I hope you have fun tomorrow Poll, I’ll be imagining you having fun. Go for it girl! Teresa xx

MAD POLL…The Road Warrior.

All the best Poll, take care and enjoy.


Hi Poll

I hope it goes well

(((((Hugs)))) Mary

Good luck Poll! No snow down here, but cold, grey, damp and windy. Roll on spring xx

bet you cant wait for summer you,ll be out all the time

Hi Polly, hope all goes well, although I will stay out of Halifax, I’m going to try and find a scooter that I can dismantle and put in the car, trying a place in Pudsey, then will buy off the net, oh and Polly if it is for kerb crawling then don’t for get the red light, Love Jean x

I am in Halifax right now and wondered why sirens are going off and is that… yes it is… convoy of army emergency trucks. There is a man with a loudspeaker… oh we all have to take cover immediatly… more later if I survive… it is a state of emergency…

Te he Poll. Enjoy. It will be wonderful…

Pat xx