soon be swinging

Afternoon all. Well I got THE phonecall yesterday.

My ceiling hoist is being installed on SUNDAY!!! Yeh, we were surprised too when they asked if they could come on Sunday.

Not long now, after all that angst and fretting, eh?

luv Pollx

Wow, a Sunday. You’ll soon be a lark arising! Hope you like the new toy.


Ta, chuck!

luv Pollx

That cheered me up Polly - l needed something to make me smile as l have just ‘caught up’ on Corrie on ltv player on the lap-top.

Sobbed all the way through poor Chesney and his lovely Great Dane Schmiecle. He had to have the beautiful dog put to sleep.

l usually follow the soaps on ‘catch up’ as my OH disapproves of ‘such rubbish’! l know - l should stick up for myself more.

Will it be ‘Hoist the mainbrace’ from sunday on.

luv F.

Yes frances, I was upset too. Our Lucy was beside me on the bed and i said, Dont look Lucy`.

Then she came for a cuddle…intelligent dogs poodles, eh?

luv Pollx

Wanna come round for a swing?

luv Pollx

Great news Poll, then comes the practise, will it have a brake?

Have a swinging time



How exciting. Can’t wait to hear how it all goes!

Hi Polly, yes I’m still here, Just, anyway good news for you, I really hope this makes things a lot easier, oh and by the way do be careful, I remember the conversation we had when we meet for coffee, even if you don’t, wink, wink, take good care, Jean x

great news have a swinging time - no pics. on youtube…

Thats great news Poll, but Tarzan and jane come to mind!

Happy swinging

Tracy x

Blinking heck Sunday!!!

That is great news about the hoist. Wow, you will be doing the flying trapeeze act.