good news v bad

Evening all…can`t tarry too long, as I have to get my glitzy frock and 6 inch heels on, ready for Strictly.

Who`s enjoying it?

I did think Lulu would show more promise than she has…still early days yet, eh?

Chelsea is a little firecracker…can`t stand her in Waterloo Road, but she a right little mover on the dance floor!

Now then, to get to the point of my post…oh, must say this newer system looks better!

Right…good news;

I have been granted the extra 2 hours of care I requested. This means my lovely PA Bev, can come in Mon - Fri, for an hour, to get me up and respectable for the day. Great help for my G.

Now…bad news…

council wont fully fund my ceiling hoist! Its cost is £2,800 and they want me to pay £1,800. Well, no can do, I`m afraid! So now we are asking the MSS to cough up with the rest. Do you think they will?

Disgruntled and chuffing annoyed…Poll xxxxxx

Hi Poll

I was thinking about you earlier and wondering how you were getting on with your ‘temp’ hoist.

Sorry to hear that the council won’t fund the ceiling hoist

I don’t know the process for gettting an MS society loan/ grant but I think it may be means tested in some way.

I hope they can help you out.

Enjoy Strictly… I’m a Merlin & Casualty fan myself


Hi, not sure if this is where I reply to you…give it a try.

Thanks very much for your kind words.

I love casualty too…not Merlin tho`!

luv Pollx

How chuffing annoying - the council need their ears boxing they really do!

Good to hear about the increase in support hours though!


Hi Pollx.

Good news, bad news.

Glad you are getting more help now.

Has it been put in yet. if so tell them to swiffle for it and see you in court.

Have you started you coarse yet, if so how are you finding it.

Take Care ,


hi poll,

your local ms branch should be able to help with the cost of your hoist. thats what they are the****re for afterall. give them a ring and ask for help. x

Hi Polly

I am certain that your local MS Branch is the one to approach. If you ask for their Support Officer they will send you a form to fill in. You may have to get a Social Worker to sign the form stating that they are not willing to pay the full amount (that’s how it works for respite). Good luck.


If you can’t transfer, the council are obliged to provide at least one ceiling track hoist.