trapeze nears

Well hi there you lovely lot in MS land! Just thought Id bring you up tp speed on whats happening re my trapeze…hoist…or noose, as hubby likes to call it…hmmm? Had talks this week, with OT boss lady. Im told it will take months to get the ceiling hoist installed. here is a breakdown of whats involved. Put kettle on first, eh? 1. OT coming on Wed, with rep from hoist firm 2. costings are worked out 3… Request goes in from OT, and marking my case as urgent 4. Structural survey to see if our liccle bungalow can take all the block and tackle, etc. 5. I am to be means-tested…oh joy of joys…yes, weve got a couple of quid in the bank..sometimes it is coloured red! 6 .my application goes to a funding panel I wonder if theyll pay for it? Will it be in by xmas next year? Meanwhile, ive been talked in to having a floor hoist. This means dear old hubby is banished to sleep upstairs for a few months, because the floor hoist needs much more space than we currently have. Well need a baby monitor sorting out. Will I like being on my own? Will he like being away from me? Answers on a postcard. luv Pollx ps. gotta get me taffeta ball gown out, Strictlys back tonight. Now that makes me think winters on it`s way! nite nite all.

Hey Poll, You did it! Back in touch hooray !!! Trudie x

Hi Poll I assume it is a chalet bungalow as it has an upstairs? Hope you get something sorted… soon. I’m sure you are aware that the means testing looks at the gross income coming into the home and then savings, found this out a few years ago when I needed a downstairs bedroom and bathroom and was turned down for everything because I worked. Got a stair lift… :smiley: could just about afford that Sounds like you have a busy time ahead V

Hi Poll, You’re always having a battle with something. Hope the ‘noose’ won’t take too long to sort and install. So great you’re back on here again. Anne x