Stairlift being fitted Monday.

WooHoo !!!

Cant believe its being fitted before Christmas. Persistence does pay.

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Hi, thats great news. I had a stairlift fitted earlier in the year. It is great. I should have done it sooner.

I had a visit from the ot a few month ago result stairlift means I have capabilitie for other things

All done.

Two blokes were quick and tidy and professional.

“You`ve gotta get up to get down”.

I need and would love a stairlift. Last OT that came out said my balance was too bad for one. Sorry, maybe they want me to get down the stairs quick… falling down isn’t my idea. May I ask the cost you guys are/have paid.? Going to get saving after Christmas.x

great result. they can be a game changer. I wish mine was as quick as the one n the GIF Mick

Qualified for a grant and it didn’t cost a penny. £5500 worth. The downside is it takes a long time from start to finish with all the red tape and council policies. Persistence pays off. There are conditions involved like staying in the property for another 10 years. That’s OK, as with the Blue Badge and now the Stairlift everything is sorted. Plus shops are on our door step as well. How can your balance be too bad for one? You`re sitting down and strapped in ffs.

Better than doing this !

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She watched me surf my furniture then climb the stairs on my knees. I started the decent on my bum after I wobbled on to it.

she said I could fall getting on seat at the top. Well I’m more likely to fall without a blumin lift.

That was about 3-4 years ago and my EDS is now 7.5 …so I’m worse

might ha e to save for a 2nd hand lift.

sounds like your OT might be broken, I’d try another one.

Good luck



I qualified for a grant to cost nothing sighned it over to the council they maintain it , it took around 8 weeks from the ot first visit .

Think you’re right Mick. She did say I could have a lift through the ceiling lift . So that would mean my dining table and sideboard who have to go…because the room is only 11x11 .I told her we eat at the table every day. Me being the way I am it’s easiest way for me to eat.

My neuro is sending another OT out because of other problems so I’ll ask again about a stairlift before I break my bloody neck.

tilly x

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i had to buy a stairlift as the OT said it was not safe for me and they wanted me to have a through floor lift.I bought a reconditioned one and when that packed in i bought a new one.

My ot wouldn’t let me have one too because of spasms and spaciality, I explained that I don’t get either once sitting upright and that a) I would be wearing a seat belt and b) my stairs are very wide and I am short so my legs wouldn’t touch the wall but no . I can have a through floor lift but it would take up so much room downstairs and would go into either of my two boys bedrooms so that’s a no. I’m back on Baclofen and waiting on seeing my Neuro ( should have seen him on the 12th but it was cancelled so awaiting an appointment ) to then try again.

The thing is its not just going up that’s the problem, it’s coming down too, I can’t come down on my bum as I can’t sit down and I would just slide down anyway but my left foot gets stuck on the step so someone has to move it for me. I am not allowed to use the stairs unless someone’s in and if I am to be left on my own for an hour or two then I must go to the loo first which is of course upstairs. My incontinence nurse is flabbergasted that I haven’t got one.


If I had the money I would have gone direct to a company rather than all the faffing about and dealing with idiots.

Its just so stressful dealing with these **^%$&!!s. They dont give a stuff and I cant believe how thick these people are.

i have bought everything i need on my credit card and paid it off when i could,i have never had any help from social services at all,and i dont have any savings either i just couldnt be a*&$£d with them at all.

The right attitude, especially to the Council.


They do have the funds but are reluctant to spend any. Looks good on their annual finance report.

Heard a joke on TV ‘Just had a stair lift fitted, its driving me up the wall’. So corny it made me laugh.