Stairlift needed

I am really fed up with falling and after my last tumble on the stairs thought I would ask you all about thoughts on stairlifts.

Who has one? what type is it? do you recommend a particular brand? I have been pricing up on line and I looked on the direct gov website and I might be entitled to a grant but it looked really complicated to apply.

Any help would be hugely appreciated

Julie xconfused

I have a Stana stair lift, it was supplied on a council grant.

I contacted social services for a bath seat, they came and did a complete survey of me and my home. I ended up having all sorts of things altered and supplied. It was there suggestion I should have a stair lift, they arranged the whole thing, this included having the central heating rad moved.

They do a check on your finances and will tell you if you are entitled to a part payment or if they will pay for it all.

I am so pleased I have mine it really has made a huge difference.

Hope this is of some help


Hi Julie,

I'm no expert on stairlifts but my aunt had a stana and she thought it was great. I would take the advice Chris has given you as it an option.

Janet x


oh i have just been rejected for a disabled facility grant as my husband earns to much, i get cb esa and was told that only the ir esa autimatically quilify. so im confused if you were told that cb esa counts as well.

Thanks guys for your help I get IB ESA so I hope I will qualify will get in touch with them!

Hi, there`s one thing I wanted to tell you about when you apply for a DFG (disabled facilties grant) from the council.

I`ve just been trhough this myself, for a ceiling hoist.

According to the bumf, if you have more than 6k in savings, you may be expected to contribute towards the cost of the work.

The cost of my hoist was £3,200. We have a rolling £3k-ish in the bank, for bills and general living. We have no savings as we have had to fork out for a lot of equipment, alterations etc. as my condition continues to worsen.

Anyway, we were means tested and told we had to pay £1250 towards the work.

Eeek! We couldn`t! but the local MS branch gave us the missing amount....very generous people.

Just thought i`d let you know.

luv Pollx

Hi, I know what ESA means, but what are IR and CB ESA, please?

luv Polllx

l bought my first stairlift  25yrs ago - Sadly, it came from a friend whose hubbie had died of motor neurone disease. The social services had fitted it for her  after a long wait and lots of struggling on her part to get her OH up and down the stairs [bathroom upstairs]. He only used it for 6months. Then the social services refused to remove it and obviously use it for someone else.  lt was a Stannah. l found a local company who do stairlifts/scooters/etc - and they had worked for Stannah. They fitted it and kept it serviced. When we had improvements made to our house - l had to have another stairlift.

l bought a 'almost new' one from this company - as l did have the electrics in place it cost me £880.  So do shop around.

We have a straight set of stairs. lf its for a staircase with a bend it is quite a bit more.


ib esa is income based and cb eas is contribution based

Thanks for the info. Incapacity Benefit didn`t have these stipulations when I started getting it.

luv Pollx

Thanks for all your help guys I am hoping to have a chat with someone soon. It is good to be able to get some helpful advice without having to wade through tons of official stuff!!

Just rung them they are sending OT out when they can!