Hi I have been having a ongoing battle with my local council for two years now re installing alevel access shower , they have agreed to install shower but have said I need to have thru floor lift installed also. I cannot have this in my home the place is small enough and i have 4 children of which the last one shares my room as it is . Anyway the comprise would be to have downstairs toilet installed or have a stair lift installed both of which would cost half of the lift. They have finally agreed to think abouut it but i need to get letters from my OT at the hospital and my consultant . Has anyone had similar problems pls help

Hi I had exactly the same problem about 2 yrs ago. They wanted to fit a through lift but I didn’t want that, as you say it takes up room and it involves structural work, like cutting big holes in the floor. I from the first refused this option and after they proposed 4 different sitesand alteration I eventualy got it through to them that it was a big NO to a lift. This went on for weeks until one night I had a brain storm and came up with a plan to change my kitchen and a small side store room around, knock a wall down and make a kitchen and wet room out of the space. I drew it out (by hand very roughly) and eventualy they came and measured it up and to cut a very long story short they did what I wanted. Stick to your guns, the important thing is what you want and need, its your life and illness, you have to livewith it and will probably only get the one chance of major adaptations especialy with the present govenment hell bent on cots. The OT, SS not sure who is doing your changes will claim a Disabled Facilites Grant on your behalf to pay for the work. You can put extra to if you would like better or more than is offered. I have to slep down stairs in the front room but it works well. Oh and a little complement from the arcutecht was he said my way was cheaper. BEST OF LUCK BUT REMEMBER STICK TO YOUR GUNS AND DON’T BE BULLIED OR NAGGED INTO WHAT YOU DON’T WANT, THEY WILL BE THINKING WHAT IS EASIEST FOR THEM. rONIN

Hi Fotgot to mention I think the grant is for £15,000. Ronin

Thanks Ronin i have actually suggested a very similar option an I have a utility room next to my kitchen and I have alreday obtained two quotes to convert this into a downstairs toilet and this was much cheaper that the thru lift but they are still refusing telling me about my long term needs , so I am considering appealing and making an official complaint

Hi It’s what you want I would definatly appeal. They are not paying for it it comes from a goverment grant. I had the wall between the kitchen and store room knocked down and swaped the kitchen into the space left by it, plus some of the old kitchen space with a wet room in the space left. When you appeal have a plan of what you want and explanation (only needs to be a rough drawing). If you are not confident about talking through your plan with afficials try and take some one who is, try and take somebody with you anyway. If they do turn you down it’s not the end get your local councillor involved or even your MP. It may be a good idea to contact your local councillor now before it goes to appeal. I used to work for a local council and know that if a councillor gets involved they don’t like it and tend to listen more to you point. and the councillor is thinking of votes. Best of luck and let me know how you go on you can always PM me. Ronin