Wet Room and Wheelchair lift

Hello everyone,

It’s a while since I’ve been on here, just went off and buried my head in the sand. Now I’m hoping for some advice/help I have been assessed by Social Services for things that would help but I have to pay. One of the things is a wet room but can you trust all the plumbers to know what needs doing? I haven’t a clue. If anyone has one could you let me know. If you are anywhere near Keighley let me know which plumber you used and how happy you were. Next a wheelchair lift for outside to get me up the steps. Thanks for any help.

Lost Angel

I have a wet room but it is in a council house so I didn’t have to sort it out myself. I was considering one in my previous home ( which was my own, not rented) and the lady from OT gave me a list of plumbers/installers that knew what they were at. It may be that your council could provide a similar list. Don’t know anything about outside wheelchair lifts



I have a wet room, they are brilliant.

Once I had been assessed the council took charge and had a contractor who they sorted.

Who incidentaly did a good job.

If you mean the kerb lifts I have no experience other than seeing them at sombodies house.

I didn’t have the lifts in the house I just use the ground floor as a flat.

The main advise I could give you is decide what you want and is best for you and stick to your guns.

Social services may push you towards the cheapest option which may not suit you, you may have to pay a small contribution for what you want but remember this is for to make your life easier and prob many years to come.

I presume you are doing it through a Disabled Facilites Grant.

Is it your own property or rented ?


Hi thanks for your replies sorry it’s taken me so long. Hubby was given the name of a plumber who did wet rooms by a friend but he didn’t turn up. Spent yesterday on phone and got one from Age but he’s busy until July which maybe a good sign. Can’t wait to get one it should be a lot easier and if we get a summer I will need more showers???

Lost Angel x

Social Services should be able to provide a list of builders/plumbers with relevant experience.

i too have been assessed by the OT and means tested by the local authority and can’t get help.

The lady from the Disabled Facility Grants Team told me she could give me details of suitable contractors for the work required.

if you have a local MS Society branch, maybe some of the members or committee can recommend contractors they’ve used.

My wet room is fan blooming tastic I love it after struggling with bathlifts etc it makes my life so much easier. The council sorted it out with another firm overseeing the work.


Sending you a pm with name of my plumber


I’d go thru social services if I was you. I just found a firm recommended by an acquaintance but despite my repeated talks with them the carpenter, who wasn’t involved in the talks didn’t build in the wall (strengthening, sorry forget the name) in the places I told them I needed handrails, so now I have to now use stick on ones. And I spent £11,000 on it! (London prices) which included door widening for my wheelchair

Needless to say I won’t recommend this firm.

I had spoken to the local NHS OT prior to the build but I didn’tt think of approaching social services fior their accredited plumbers prior to the build, because it didn’t occur to me because I didn’t want their usual institutional style which I’ve seen in friends and family. I was paying for a luxury en-suite to make me feel calm and happy. I now feel a bit of an idiot! Could still have had the luxury but with their disabled clients experience.


Sad experience teaches me that a person really needs to know what he/she is doing when designing and installing a wet room. Social Services should be a great help here - they know who they use and who has the proper experience. It really isn’t a job for a plumbing/installation beginner. My only advice? Do not use a private provider who has never actually done a wet room before but reckons he could have a hack at it(!)

And yes, we had to have it completely redone, and no redress from the first company which had by then, unsurprisingly, gone bust.

But a good wet room that drains properly and is truly anti-slip is a blessing and worth planning for with great care!