Accessible bathroom

after some advice, I am due to move into a new build house and trying to apply to the OT for their help with design and some funding, I have a wet room at the moment but find I can’t get myself fully washed in my shower chair and wonder if anyone has a bath instead where they can soak to get everywhere washed! Is it possible to have a shaped back to give some support? Thinking if the future as MS will only get worse. Thanks

Trouble with baths is the getting IN and OUT. Have a think about that, cuz it will only get worse. Do you indeed need a carer to help with bathing maybe?


havent had a bath for years cos of the getting in/out issue. last year had the chance to try a bath using a thing that lowered me into the bath. its was an air cushion type thing and was so wobbly that it caused more worry than it eased!

when using a shower chair some of the water lies in the seat-am trying to work out what bit of u that would benefit from a bath?

if a carer is required then i would suspect that the first thing they would suggest is a wet room with shower chair! (powerchair using a banana board to get to showerchair is maybe next option? theres so many depending on your own situation) i am struggling to find a reason to justify you getting a bath (h/s etc which carers will have as their priority for you and themselves)

hope the move to new place goes smoothly!


I would love to have a bath. Absolutely love it. But the practicalities of getting in and out completely rule it out. Those cushion things look good in theory, but in practice are probably dangerous.

You can get baths (I’ve seen adverts) which have a seat with a door, you somehow get yourself into the bath, sit down, close the door, fill the bath, wash, empty the bath, get out! How the hell you’re supposed to get yourself into the bath and onto the seat, I don’t know (if you are unable to walk). And you’d freeze to death waiting for the bath to empty.

Why not get one of those commode/shower chairs with a hole in the middle to wash ones ‘downstairs’ areas? I manage OK with a bog standard shower chair. And from time to time I bung my feet in a washing up bowl of water!


I’ve seen those baths that you sit down then fill with water, it was in a old people nursing home, it has a door to get in and then it seals the door when the water goes in but you have to fill it while your sitting there and have to wait until its empty. The main problem with it is the waiting you can get very cold, not worth the hassle.

Some shower seats are specially shaped to give access to rear end. It’s a glorified toilet style chair.

While I’m waiting for action on my bathroom I’m using an old toilet frame. It gives me the right height for transfer and good access to all areas in need of washing.

Best wishes.