Helpless and hapless

Hi everyone, Caused a drama this morning. I fell in the bath and couldn’t get out. Tried everything I could to get out but to no avail. I must have struggled for at least 1/2 hour. So shouted to hubby who came and tried and tried but no way was I getting out. Bill has a bad back problem so I was scared he would hurt himself. Just when I thought I would have to have a bathroom of firemen, I said phone Megan for ideas. ( she is our youngest daughter who works with disabled children). She was at work but they said she could come home. First thing she did was put on my shoes ( why did I not think of that?) and between us managed to ease me up to the side of the bath, then it was plain sailing. Thank goodness for my family! It has made me realise how helpless I now am. Then my oldest phoned to see how I was ( didn’t want her to know as she has three weeks to go till she has her second baby) What a morning!!! Mags xx

Oh poor you Mags!!! The last bath I had was about 3 years ago (I do shower… don’t want people to think I stink to high heaven) anyway I was in a hotel and got stuck in the bath. Luckily was with a friend and with her help I managed to haul myself out. Was one of those ‘didn’t know whether to laugh or cry’ situations. The shoes are very good idea!!! Have you seen those ad’s for Aqualift? Most bath lifts are awful… so bulky that you don’t get properly immersed in the water… but Aqualift is very different. I don’t know how much they are but google it… might be worth getting more info. Take care Mags and hope you don’t have anymore mishaps today! Pat xx

Hi Pat. I should have said I was having a shower but slipped and fell in the bath. I too stopped having baths about a year ago. I usually put down a towel but I forgot today. Sod’s law!! It was like a scene from a carry on film. Lol!!! Thing is there will probably be consequences now. Hubby will probably start helping me in and out of bath. Is there no end to to the indignities of ms? Mags xx

Mags, I know the feeling. Hope you’re over it. It might be worth getting in touch with OT. They should assess your bathing set up and give you rails etc. I was given a Mangar cushion, that’s something like £500 worth of kit, to get me in and out of the bath. One of these: I’m ever so grateful for it. Kev x

Hi Kev, I have an appointment with OT coming up. The problem is we are selling our house in August so there is no point in getting rails and things just now. I really can’t wait to move into our new flat next year I will have a shower and every aid going. Until then I will just have to be extra careful. Thanks for your concern, Mags xx

Oh Mags, how awful, I do hope you have recovered, as these things can shake you up sometimes.

Ms is a b****y nuisance, just keeps chipping away to remind us daily that it is not going away.

Thankfully its not too long before you move, but in the meantime take extra care. Sending some (((((hugs))))).

Pam x

Oh Mags that must have been awful for you, I am sorry. I hate showering, always so exhausting, I have just had a bath with a door and a hydraulic seat fitted…its perfect, I just love it. Hope you will soon be back on track. Nina x

I know what thats like Mags now got a shower fitted in a wet room well its wet when I have finished, The council did it but put a charge against the house it might have been years before I could get it done for free it has made my life so much better II am like this cat who has got the cream. I told the kids I was spending their inheritance . Don

Mags dont do it again its naughty . Right I am putting this up and watching the footie

I know exactly how you feel twice I had a bath and couldn’t get out, I started throwing bottles off window sill to try and grip myself out but nope my balance just kept shifting me side to side I ended up getting out holding the handle from the tiny window worse bath ever. Anyways after being black and blue with bruises I no longer attempt it my council has now put 3 extra rails in I’m waiting fir dx so I can get myself a OT I did ask neurologist but have to wait :frowning:

Oh Mags what a performance. I hope you’re okay. My shower is over the bath too and my OT got me a chair that rests on the top of the bath, it’s wonderful. Apparently they don’t fund them any more but a friend of mine was given a board that does the same thing. With this I can sit safely (it’s a proper chair with a back and arms), and is safer, I can’t close my eyes if I’m standing up as I lose my bearings and have fallen out a few times, less tiring so I can wash my hair (with both hands as I don’t have to cling to a rail) and my body in one shower as before I had to opt for one or the other.

I hope you don’t have any bruises or sore muscles, take it easy for a day or two.

Cath xx

Hi Haven’t done very much today as I have been really sore. Which is annoying as I have so much to do. I can laugh about it now though, especially at my husband comment while we were waiting for our daughter to arrive, he said “do you mind if I go down stairs and finish my breakfast?”. Hilarious!! Mags xx

I wasn’t really thinking the other day and sat down in the bath to wash my feet (bit wary after fall a few weeks ago trying to lift my feet in the shower) and I couldn’t get up again!

After a minute of panic sitting there with the shower running and water splashing everywhere, I twigged that I can’t get up off the floor with my legs in front of me. Somehow I managed to roll over. Once I was on my front, I got up easily.

Lesson learnt and made me realise that I can only do that now as I’m petite (must not carry on chomping chocolate!)

Mags, Arnica is my best friend, it really helps the bruising go away quickly

Sonia x