Just wanting a moan, sorry in advance! Relapse, main symptom optic neuritis. Steroids are helping a bit. The problem now is that although I’ve always been clumsy, the latest clever thing I’ve done is fall in the shower, pull down the shower rail-not just the curtain and give myself some spectacular bruises!!! Stranded like a beached whale, not a pleasant image I admit! I suppose I’m hoping that by making light of this will mean that it’s either just me being clumsy or balance affected by optic neuritis. Don’t want to think that I’m getting feeble, it worries me!

Hi Dotty

Must be you were surprised of Liverpool winning…

Take care


Hahaha! I like it!! I can be safe til next time then. Do you think I’m in for a long healthy stretch?!

Oh dear,that`s horrible for you.

Is there room for a shower seat, or stool in the shower.? Grab rails too, are a must.

luv Pollx

I cannot stand in the shower, I need a stool really but OT,s gave me a seat thing which goes across the bath but it is always in the way for my family and I have to fiddle with it to get it in the shower end of my bath.

I have pulled the curtains and rail down more times than I can remember so you are not alone and I don,t think it is getting feeble…just another hassle of balance to deal with.

Do ask about a shower seat if you have room, OT,s supply them free of charge.

Hope you are not too sore for too long.


Thank you for letting me know that I’m not the only one! I do have grab rails and somehow managed not to grab them-how silly. I had to see my gp today as the pains I’ve been having in my upper body are quite concerning. I’ve got one particular bruise, on my ribs which I asked him to look at. When he did, there was a sharp intake of breath! Not from me though, as it hurts too much!

No breaks, just bruising, including the ego, I was very embarrassed.

A shower seat isn’t possible as I have a corner bath and it’s a bit of a funny shape where you’d have to position the board. I think when I have a few pennies spare I’ll consider getting rid of the bath altogether and have a walk in shower.

It is a shame you cannot fit a shower stool, but I do agree that a walk in shower is probably the answer.

Maybe there is a grant available to help get one ? Not sure but I believe the MS society consider help like that.

I have been trying to decide between a walk in shower and a bath with a door and a seat inside. I really feel sometimes I would love a little soak but no way can I get down in my bath except to fall down and as for getting up again…it might never happen.

I am not a lightweight and had to have husband and son both strong men to haul me out last time I fell.

I expect many would choose a wetroom but I so long for a bath again.

We hired a caravan a few years ago and it had a lovely little bath with 2 levels of seat and took up hardly any space, however we have never been able to find one to buy.

My bathroom is tiny and is all in with loo so not much room to change anything around.