i have become ever so clumsy.

its not a relapse and i’m infection free!!

i just keep bumping myself at home, every time i walk through a door i bang my elbow.

every time i walk past the table i bang my leg (getting some fine bruises)

washing up is like a greek thing (where they smash crockery)

even making a brew i go for a teaspoon and drop it.

i’m driving myself mad with it.

i’m really trying to stay calm because if i dont it sounds like tourettes!

other than that and the old ms i’m fine and dandy

carole x

You should see my bruises. Big black and blue one on my right arm. Another, more faded, on my right leg. Old (green) ones on my left arm. Just glad I haven’t broken anything.

Yep, been there, done that!

In particular, I hit the bathroom doorframe almost every morning - once on the way in, and again on the way out - so I end up with matching bruises, each side. I don’t usually hit it for the rest of the day. When I first get up, it seems to take a while to get my “landlegs”.



Hi Carole

I’ve always been clumsy so in a way it was lovely to have an excuse for it now ;-). Oddly enough my clumsiness always used to go in cycles, I remember years ago my hairdresser always used to ask what I had broken in the six weeks between haircuts and sometimes it would be umpteen things and sometimes it would be nothing at all.

However, I do notice that it’s not just dropping things any more although that’s as much of a problem as ever. I bash myself with the vacuum, I walk into doors, just yesterday I banged my forearm on the corner of my bedside table and I now have a lovely V shaped bruise. Oh, and I trip over thin air! I often notice bruises when I’m towelling myself dry each morning and cannot for the life of me remember when I gained them.

I also manage to burn myself when I’m cooking. I try to be really careful now as it happened a lot when my hands were first numb but it still happens occasionally. Annoyingly I always manage to burn myself when I have a neuro appointment looming and I just know he will tell me again that I must be more careful. I really do try!!

Tracey x

thanks all

its good to not feel like the only clumsy clot!

carole x


I’m very clumsy a lot of the time too. So much so that I’ve thought of getting the door frames padded to I can just bounce off them without getting a nice big bruise.

I often don’t even realise that I’ve bumped into things until I see a bruise and wonder what I’ve done to get it. I guess that comes from doing it so often I don’t even notice and having a rubbish short term memory, it’s quickly forgotten anyway! lol

One thing I do notice is that I tend not to wobble and bump into to things if I’ve a few drinks. So I look like I’m drunk when I haven’t had a drink but if I have a few I walk like I’m stone cold sober. Very strange this ole MS thing ain’t it.



@ sue

i think padded door frames will be just the job until i get a padded cell!

also got me thinking of getting drunk, i dont know how well i walk or not but with a few bevvies, do i care?

carole x

Ouch Carole, I feel for you!

I was clumsy before MS came along… you dropping the teaspoon made me giggle though, I don’t drop the spoon but occasionally (Read: frequently) have managed to drop the boiling hot teabag onto my other hand, the one that’s holding the mug still!!!

Sonia x

Its not your fault,it everything trying to trip U up,one day they will stop picking. On you :slight_smile:

Hello All,

Not too sure what this is, I’ve lost fine control such as using a screwdriver, buttoning up a shirt, typing or writing. Sometimes its good sometimes its worse than bad. The unpredictbility drives me totally bonkers.

Oh yes I do get the odd bruise or scald on my arms,but I can never remember what’s caused it. Sounds like my memory is going as well.

Just got to man up to all of these little problems


Hi, as I travel round our house in my wheelie, the walls, door frames, furniture have just about the same damage as my legs, toes, fingers! Mine heal eventually, but the poor house is looking decidely war torn!

Weve already taken off 3 doors and had frames widened, but its still a small 60s bungalow and they werent built with wheelies in mind.

luv Pollx

Hi carole i was reading your post it sounds just like hubby he is always dropping things ,walking into door frames,falling slipping tripping on stairs everyday,Luckly hasnt had to bad a fall yet.He is an accident waiting to happern he cannot hold things in left hand and scratch right ear ect as things just drop out hand.He gets in such muddles i really worry over him especally as he went work today and could bearly walk in so much pain with back.I think its a combination with hubby of poor vision and ms causing all the julie