Talk about clumsy!

I tell you what, I’m full of bruises, scratches etc from this daft relapse. Tonight, what did I do? Trapped my thumb in a door…again! I’m surprised I’ve got any digits left the amount of times I burn, bump, trap or cut them! Bah! :wink:

Hope your ok xx

Yeah, Thankyou :slight_smile: I’m just so mega clumsy lately. The things we have to put up with lol :smiley:

you’ll get used to it.

i feel like a cartoon character these days!

or mr bump from the mr men.

carole x

Yeah, should wrap myself up in bandages :slight_smile: have a good day chuck x

Another one! I did a good number on my finger by burning it on a grill ! Honestly ! Might invest in a big bubble…but I’d probably still find a way to injure myself lol!