Anybody else burn or injure themselves all the time? I’m always burning myself on the oven and have just burnt my stomach ironing as I totally misjudged the edge of the board and kept going. Added onto that I fell over a bollard today much to my families amusement as I just didn’t see it. Is this just me? Should I withdraw my stunt woman application? A xx

Yep - all the time. Door frames have the habit of becoming half the width the minute I try to walk through them, steps become higher as soon as I go to lift my leg up or step down and how I manage to miss my mouth with food and drink heaven knows cos as everyone who knows me will confirm it’s big enough! Keeps everyone at work entertained though.


Yep I miss my mouth too and I can get my fist in mine (dont ask) so really is amazing. Hit my head on cupboards, walk into door frames too. In the process of losing a thumbnail cos I misjudged where my hand was in relation to a car door and slammed it on my thumb breaking it!! A

Ouch, Arwen!! Doorframes…yup. Do you stand on other people’s feet by mistake too? I seem to be doing this frequently, misjudging the distance between myself and the owner of the feet. I only iron when I really have to so am fine there (so far) and am super cautious with anything hot anyway.

Oh god yes always bumping into people as well I nearly stepped out in front of a car this week cos I misjudged it too. Not really a good week lol X

Oh, it’s so comforting to know that I’m not the only one whose arch enemy is doorframes!! I am constantly walking into them, or getting clothes caught or knocking myself on the handles of open doors!

I also tend to misjudge the distance I am away from things, and avoid hot things at all costs (and absolutely HATE putting anything in or taking anyting out of the oven) as I am so clumsy.

My arms also seem to have a life of their own at times, and I am regularly knocking things off the worktop with my hand as I move or turn away from it.

I am yet to be dx, but think I may mention this to the Neuro next month as it could obviously be significant.

You’re definitely not alone and thankfully neither am I it seems.