my feet are on fire :(

It seems that although I am feeling a little better over the past three weeks, the feeling that my feet are on fire is still here. I only have to walk 5-10 foot and it starts, so I tend to sit down most of the time now yet I am still uncomfortable.

I am feel like my life has changed unbelieveably over the past 6 months and I miss my old life. I miss feeling well, and I really miss walking my dogs.

I am not diagnosed yet - Sept 25th is D-Day for me - Diagnosis Day and I am beginning to get nervous and concerned. I have read so many stories on here about people who have waited years to get diagnosed and I don’t know what I would do if that was the case.

I have tried really hard for the past week to get a GP appointment as I am not sure the meds I am on are working for me any more. I twitch and jerk all the time, have urinal urgency constantly, and am in alot of pain with the burning feet and extremely painful hands. However, it seems I need to book a few weeks in advance to see my GP, so I will have to wait it out until next week when I have a pre-arranged appointment.

It all seems so tough at the moment and I am not sure I am coping very well with it :frowning:

Thanks for listening to me whinge

Paula xx

Hi Paula, If you call your surgery as soon as they open they should be able you fit you in as an emergency. Good luck with that. F.

Painful feet are so [filtered word!] debilitating

I hope your GP can help with meds, although having to wait so long is flippin’ ridiculous!

Karen x

Thank you both for your support

Fiona - there are a couple of GPs that I will not see at the practice, and they are the two that always are free for emergency appointments, so I won’t go through that route unfortunately. I do have an appointment next Tuesday or Wednesday so I will wait it out till then and see the GP who is brillliant.

Karen - it is horrible having painful feet as it affects everything, walking, driving etc.

I woke up at 6 today to take my tabs, so when I got up at 9 I wasnt in as much pain. Trouble is the painkillers wear off quickly so I will be taking more tabs today. Bit of a vicious circle really.

Oh well, I will have to put up with it for the next week or so and considering this has been part of my life for a few months now I will just plod on (oh dear sorry about the terrible pun there).