weird foot anyone??!!

Hi All,

Not diagnosed, but posted a few times on here before and had loads of help so here goes:

Had numbness and pins and needles for a long time in left arm/ leg.Then few weeks ago ON, face and tongue numbness. Last few days had really weird feeling in foot- along the front going down to toes.This is exasperated if i touch the front of my foot- really painful almost electric shocks??

Problem is I’ve had 2 weeks off work(holidays) and now dreading it on Monday- I’ve been wearing flipflops which don’t touch his area, but all shoes/boots that I must wear for work will press on this part.

Also had lots of dizziness and felling completley shattered most of the time.Would the Gp be able to give me anything to help?

Thanks in advance

Hello, I can’t be of any help, just wanted to say I have had weird feet for 2 months. It started over a few days with odd feelings, couple of toes feeling wet but actually dry etc. then they just went almost numb but I can still feel, it is very weird. If I walk for too long this feeling travels up my legs to just above my knees. I thought about seeing my GP but thought I am seeing a Neuro for the first time soon, so I’ll let him tell me what could be happening! I really wish I had normal feeling back, I am getting married next month and trying on my shoes was quite upsetting. I had to get quite low ones as my balance is not good. Everyone will think I have been drinking, which I have been accused of before! Hope you find some relief xx Sam

thanks seahorse and sam- good to know I’m not alone with these weird feelings.Don’t you find it hard to try to explain all these weird happenings to people who are’nt going through it themselves .

Sam wishing you all the very best with your Wedding x