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Hello everyone. I have not had a diagnosis so I’m not sure if its o.k to post here. I’m feeling pretty alone with this. I’m A lady of 54 years old. I’ve been suffering from tingling pins and needles feet/legs hands/arms and lips/mouth for over a year and intermittent sensation of numbness and weakness in my leg/foot which first happened whilst walking and I couldnt feel the floor under my foot. It also can happen when ive just laid down. Recently its involved my arm and hand too. Unlike the pins and needles this is on one side. Most worryingly at the same time I sometimes feel my throat goes numb and I cant swallow properly . I also get weird sensations randomly like someone has flicked me with a elastic band on my skin, or a,sort of electric shock which makes me jump or involuntarily jerk the limb. I’ve spent a year back and forth to the docs. having this all put down to the fact that I had my ovaries removed 15 months ago and went into surgical menopause. I kept being told its hormonal (im on hrt now). That my body had suffered a shock. But it continued. My doc then tested thyroid and sugar levels, and various vitamin tests. All normal except b12 and folate which were treated but it didnt help these symptoms my doc then decided it must be anxiety. So I’ve struggled on hoping it would go away But a couple of weeks ago. At my HRT appointment My doc noticed a tremor in my hand. I told her how its all got worse and she said we now need to involve a neurologist. I dont know how long I will have to wait. I live alone and i do find these symptoms scary. This last year I’ve had other new issues too like bladder problems and problems with my sight. Maybe it’s all related. I’ve had a feeling for ages now that no one is connecting the dots. I apologise if this is not the right place to post.

Hi Jinty, you’ve put your post in exactly the right place, welcome.

Looks like your GP is on side now & referred you to a Neuro, sadly this sometimes takes quite a while…but you’re on the right road & the Neuro will want you to have more tests done so that he/she has a clear picture of your symptoms…this usually takes a long time too. If you can try to keep note of your symptoms, the Neuro will ask lots of questions.

Good luck

Hiya. Update. My gp suddenly freaked a bit at my last appt and sent me to the TIA clinic. I had a vascular scan, ecg thankfully o.k and brain ct which was not indicative of a TIA so TIA ruled out but the TIA doc sent me for an urgent MRI and said I need to see neuro. . When I got on the scanner I was told he had also asked for a cervical spine scan too. Which I hadnt expected. This makes me think even more that they are going down the MS route as I cant see why else they would scan the spine. I have a neurology appt in January so things have moved pretty quickly.

Your symptoms have ‘merited’ (not a very good word!)an MRI scan and from the scan the neuro/radiologist will hopefully come up with a diagnosis. Try not to jump to any conclusions before you get the result - not long 'til January! Then there will be discussion about possible treatment. Until then try not to be pre-occupied with things and continue doing the things you’ve always done. And if it is m.s. it ain’t the end of the world.

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Excellent answer.

It can take a long time to diagnose MS and its a frustrating journey as we all know too well.

I find it hard to believe that in some countries people present with a simple issue and then get told they have MS. I presented with a classic issue, going blind and eye issues and it took me like 19 years lol…10 when you consider i finally got taken seriously and saw a neuro.

still here with a diagnoses of progressive MS.


Hiya and thank you. Im waiting on my MRI results. But I’ve now been called back for a 24 hour ecg. I thought my ecg was o.k. so a bit confused. But I dont feel an Ms diagnosis would be the end of the world.thanks to people like yourselves who have replied to me and I know people who are living with it and living very full lives. I am anxious and concerned at the moment as I dont know what’s wrong but I am very grateful that you have taken the time to reply to me. X

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Hi Jinty,

Glad you’ve joined this forum for advice. Hope you haven’t got MS but you’re beginning to get more tests done.

Maybe ask about a lumber puncture - where they take some cerebrospinal fluid from your spine with a very fine needle.

Another way of diagnosing MS.

My top tip is to keep a diary of all your symptoms and how long they last. If you can remember write down the ones you’ve had already.

Stay well,