Numb Skin

Went to my GP today for the double appointment to go over all my symptoms. I ended up coming out with three new meds on repeat.

But the main question I have is when she touched my legs. Obviously it was skin to skin, but it almost felt like both my legs were numb. She touched my arm and it was a completely different feel.

Has anyone else experienced this? Started to make me concerned 8 hours after the appointment!

Thanks! x

Yep when I went for neuro exam I found out part of the soles of my feet are numb then 4weeks ago my big toe went numb. And I mean totally the neuro could touch it with needle and I felt nothing at all Axz

She could prod with a needle and I reckon I could feel it, but just her fingertips and I’ve tried with my partner and it’s the same. Fingers rubbing down just feel numb. I hadn’t noticed that until today… but hopefully back on amitriptyline so maybe that might help a bit with that.

I got another 3 weeks until my first neuro appointment. So long wait ahead for me if there’s going to be any further tests.

Tsuki xx

Yeah some areas I could feel a bit with needle but felt dull not sharp first time I knew about it as gp didn’t do neuro exam. Saw gp mid May, neuro start Sept who ordered bloods and mri for now with follow up in December! Ax

Yes i have this, left leg and foot mostly, coudn;t feel the pin pricks at all. Also left side of face and scalp.

I have the same. At least it is only annoying rather than disabling or embarrassing!! This for me is one of my more minor symptoms

I have this on one patch on my right leg. The skin feels numb and very different to the rest of the leg if I just rub my fingers over it, but if I poke it with something sharp it actually hurts more than the rest of my leg.


One of my first symptoms 25 years ago was numbness in my fingers, which never got better. Had neuro tests, nothing diagnosed.

Also can’t feel temperature very well with my fingers - have to be careful when cooking!!

Also had numb arms/legs but the feeling came back after a few daysssss/weeks.

Write your symptoms down - very useful to look back on.

Stay well,

Jen x

I can’t feel temp very well either and permanently burn myself on the oven. Had a massive burn the day I saw neuro Axx