I’ve had a numbish sensation for ages. First, I noticed it on my right big toe on the outside. When I finally got a neuro appointment in November last year, it had spread to the top of my left foot, the tip of my tongue and my left cheek, as well as a patch on my left shoulderblade which sometimes also feels tingly or like a brief stabbing sensation. I was discharged back to my GP after a clear MRI, diagnosed with FND. Now it has spread, first up my left leg to my knee, more recently my whole left leg, buttocks, arm and hand with my right leg feeling very slightly less sensitive than usual. Oh, and it has spread on my tongue back toward my molars. It isn’t a total lack of feeling. My tongue tingles like its been scalded and my skin still feels light touch (not as ticklish anymore) but it also feels pressure less. Like the numbness is under the skin. I’m going back to my GP to ask for a second opinion, but is what I describe familiar to anyone? I’m worried about losing sensation in my hand because I make things as part of my work. It’s a distracting and annoying symptom, even though it might be considered fairly minor.

Yes, I call it ‘numb but not’. On my feet, the skin is pretty much numb, but I can feel pressure, so I can still drive. Conversely, in my fingers I have a sense of touch, but when I cut through my fingertip last year I didn’t feel a thing. In other places I have partial numbness (i.e.some loss of feeling). It’s very odd…

Yes, I get if in my left leg, left arm and left side of my face. It comes and goes. When it happens on my face,it feels like a dentists anaesthetic. In my leg, it feels like a ‘dead leg’, like achey,numb and painful all at the same time. In my arm, it feels like it’s not attached :s I hope you get some better days soon x

Thanks for your replies. Aside from possibly making me a little clumsier and finding that my left arm seems to be a bit weaker (hairdryers aren’t that heavy, surely?!) the main problem is me worrying about it. I walk my child to school. I’m very independent (well, apart from never having learned to drive) and I’m very hands-on creative.

I feel like I’m teetering on the edge of something about to go really wrong…and I know that it is not healthy to focus on it but my body insists of reminding me that something isn’t right. I know my nervous system isn’t working properly, but haven’t been given an explanation. I’m expressing all this so as to do my best to avoid depression (been there, done that). Yes, I am totally distracted from my work at the moment. I’m numb(ish), dizzy, finding it hard to concentrate, easily fatigued yet finding it hard to relax. That’s not like me at all.

On a positive note, just one week to my GP appointment, my new stick is giving me confidence walking and I’ve a couple of lovely family day trips to look forward to quite soon (oh, and I’m a very proud mummy. My daughter’s first school report was excellent!) I’m doing my best to balance all these feelings and cope with all these symptoms.

Is there anything that might be making this numb-ishness worse, anything to avoid? How could I improve it?

My left front of thigh feels like that. Sometimes it flares up into a painful flickering burn sensation, sometimes it tingles and sometimes it feels really numb but it never feels “normal” any more. I notice it in the shower - not totally dead but slightly deadened is how I would decribe the feeling. It is one of the few things that has hung on after a flare up of various symptoms in April so I am wondering if it will be permanent.

I notice that I feel heat on my left leg differently, in the shower or in the bath. I love a hot bath but every time I’ve ‘risked it’ recently, it’s made me feel worse - these sensory symptoms, plus dizziness and cog-fog. I’m doing my best to keep cool today, hiding in my house with some of my curtains drawn. I love the sunshine but not the heat

Tinga - have you been diagnosed? The sensation on my face has hung around too and like you said, it can vary in intensity. A tingle, a burning or a buzzing sensation. I got back from the school run with only a little flicker in intensity from these odd feelings. I’ve made 'mummy’s quiet time/littl’un’s TV time a regular restful routine. It helps me get through to bedtime!

Hi, Reki, no - not dxed yet. I have first neuro appt in about 3 weeks time. Looking back, I had numbness and tingling in this same thigh a few years ago at the same time as some dizziness and also restless legs a lot. In April/May I had numbness and tingling in various areas, all on the right side, including face and tongue but that has now gone away, thank goodness. I even lost my sense of taste for a little while.

I feel like you do after a hot bath , shame because, again like you, I used to really enjoy one.

I’ve had one odd taste experience - eating a toffee desert I could swear there was lemon in it (making it taste horrible) but the ingredient list, hubby and daughter confirmed that I was ‘tasting things!’ A friend gave me a Reiki session today. I felt so heavy and relaxed! The numbness isn’t quite as pronounced as before but I’m still getting the facial tingle, which is like a warning sign to take things easy.

There’s a patch on my left foot that’s numb…but not numb. I recently realised that my left shin is the same, but different. Like someone said above, it’s like it’s number underneath the skin. I can still feel, but it’s…numb…ish. Mine is caused by b12 deficiency (still to have neuro appointment on 25th to get MRI results but probably not ms, but can relate to the neuro symptoms) but the injections haven’t fixed it :frowning:

That’s how mine started, Kisywisy - top of my left foot, then my shin. I’ve apparently had a clear blood test for B12 deficiency, but I’m aware that it causes problems - and apparently, different countries have differing standards as to what is an acceptable level. (Not that I remember what it was or exactly where I heard/read that. Silly memory). My leg is feeling a little better today. I’m used to getting odd stabbing or crawling sensations, so when I became aware of something moving across my shin, I just put it down to nerves misfiring or maybe my trouserleg flapping as I moved…until I saw the moderately sized black spider crawl out onto my ankle!

Ewwww - I would have HATED that!!

LOL - I’m less bothered by spiders than hubby is! Either this numb-ishness is fading or I’m getting used to it. It would be typical for everything to have pretty much cleared up by the time I get to the GP, wouldn’t it?!

I tried out a supermarket wheelchair the other day. Partly because of my numbish leg but mostly because I know that my dizziness and involuntary jerks get worse in big, busy places with artificial lighting. I left my DH to push the trolley and do most of the actual shopping (my ability to actually choose items and remember shopping lists seems to diminish also). That was the first time that I had ‘self-propelled’ and found it quite easy, though I felt I needed L plates! I only almost collided with someone once. Ultimately, it helped me feel much less anxious about my various wobbles and allowed me to rest when stopping to browse the shelves. The staff member whom I’d asked to borrow the chair from was very polite and considerate. I’d happily use one again if need be. Has anyone else here done similar?

Yes, I’ve used supermarket ones. I’ve hired one too. I’m currently waiting to get my own chair but there’s a long wait :s. It’s great for when you can’t walk, it still means you can get out xx

I haven’t tried a wheelchair yet but a couple of weeks ago I was on guide camp and I hired a mobility scooter to help me with getting around. We had plenty of adults, so someone else walked with the girls from our field halfway up a hill to the activities at the bottom, while I went down a different way on the scooter. Not having to walk down and up that hill twice a day (down is OK, it’s up is the problem!) made such a difference, I got home from camp in much better shape than I’d expected.

I’m prepared to hire a scooter for days out at big sites in future if it means I can get around and see more without tiring myself out, but I’m not ready to use one for every day.

I’m being overwhelmed by numerous mild but niggly symptoms today. The numbishness (my assymetrical invisible bodystocking), muscle twitches - mostly in my legs, a pain behind my right eye that has been present on and off for ages, numb tongue, twitchy thumb, tingly cheek, tinnitus, fatigue, finding I have to work extra hard to get my words out and to just walk around my house.

I was feeling relatively OK this morning but by mid-afternoon started to go downhill again.

Bless hubby, he’s doing the gardening. I don’t feel like I can have a proper rest (Do Not Disturb) as I still have to keep an ear on littl’un (Lego is out again) and I’ve been told I need to make jam before the fruit goes off. One of my frequent problems is forgetting to use food while its still in date/not overripe.