numb but not really

Often my leg or foot feels as though its gone numb like when you have lain on it funny but when I touch it I can clearly feel that so its obviously not numb. Anyone else get that or am I crackers A

I had something just like that. My leg felt “dead”, but when I ran fingers across it I could fel that as normal.

Get that on and off all the time!! Awful isn’t it??

So good to know I’m not alone in this A

Hi, I get that all the time too - strange as I can feel sharp/soft, hot/cold etc, so my doctor thought I was talking rubbish, and I started to wonder as well…

I’ve had this too, on the front of my shins and thighs. Weird.

Today it’s left side chin, arm, hand and knee. Feels really freaky when you put a sheet on the knee. Kind of you can feel it but not feel it sensation!!!

Thats exactly it but if you tell a gp and they test you can still feel ut so look nuts

I tried explaining that feeling to neurologist tonight, but again he brushed it aside, and never gave an answer! Jane xxx

Yep they definitely are taught this!! Ax

Strangely enough my neuro actually listened to this symptom and used it as my ‘main problem’ in the MRI request!!. Failed to take Into account balance, fatigue, eyesight, cognitive problems to name but a few though!! :-s

Really? I didn’t mention it in case he thought I was crazy lol. I will next time though Axx