Not been here for sometime…anyway, can anyone help? I keep getting a feeling of numbness,strange sensation in my leg (nothing unusal there) but, the frightening thing is I dont know which leg it is, i feel like I’m going mad, has anyone else had this happen?

Love cx

I had many years ago my left leg went completely numb although I could still walk on it, but I’m sorry that’s really all I can say except it felt most peculiar. I went to the doc’s and ended up in hospital for 7 weeks and came out none the wiser. I suggest you pay a visit to your MS Nurse or see the doctor.

Sorry can’t help anymore than that. Good luck.

Janet x

Hi Mel,

Thanks for that. Its so frightening not to know which leg it is. I have an appointment with my neuro on the 6th Jan, so will ask then. It could well be a relapse, as I am also extremely tired, exhausted really, thought it was just the christmas preparations etc, but, i feel awful again today, as if I have partied all night.

Thanks again Mel

Happy new year, and wish you the best of health in 2012

Love cxxxxxx

Hi Janet,

Thank you for taking the time to respond, much appreciated.

I have a meuro appointment on the 6th jan, so will ask then.

Happy new year Janet, and wishing you good health for 2012

love clairexx

Well, had my appointment with the neuro this morning, guess what i forgot to ask him about the numnbess and not knowing which leg it is!!! cant believe it, we were discussing my extrme fatigue, the good news is, he is starting me on a course of vit b12, vit d, and duluxotine, and if the vit d injections dont help my fatigue he is going to prescribel amandine?? so, fingers crossed! Has anyone had any experience of any of the above?

I phoned his secretary about my omission to tell him about the confusion re: which leg! so she said, email me and I will speak to him later…apparently he has already dictated the consultation letter for me and my GP…now that was quick!

Anyway, thanks and love to all

love cxxxxxx