Hi everyone, hope you’re all well as can be. Just thought I’d write as I’m sat here munching on some toast, my left leg below the knee has gone numb. I know it’s there, I can see it… It just doesn’t feel like it belongs to me… Surreal. What a crazy, unpredictable illness this is!! :slight_smile:


yes it is! the whole of my right side feels like that-it feels like i have just half a body!

expect the unexpected with this ms malarkey i say!

take care, ellie

Never a dull moment!!. I sometimes say that the only way I know I have feet is that I haven’t fallen over. I might as well be stomping around on lumps of wood. Then a bit later they will start burning and I don’t know which I prefer …

Take care

Tracey x

Strange, quite strange indeed! my feet feel like they are freezing and numb yet to touch on the outside feel quite normal and warm! Still have dizziness coming and going from a horrid bout of vertigo 3 months ago! These symptoms are crazy but that’s life eh! Thankful for everything I do have and there is always wine :slight_smile: teeheehee

Hope you are ok

Debs xxx