Am I going mad?

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve started experiencing some very strange symptoms. My feet have always suffered from extreme cold but recently I’ve often felt like, especially the left foot, is soaking wet but when I’ve touched my feet they’re completely dry and in some cases burning hot. I often get the feeling of restlessness in my left foot but last night the pain in that foot was excruciating. It’s difficult to explain the type of pain but the bottom of my foot ached and it felt like I’d strained it badly.
I’ve also had some problems with my hands. Again they have always been slightly numb, but over the last couple of weeks, the tingling sensation has intensified and every now and again, I get a feeling like faint drops of rain on the back of my hand. But when I look, there’s absolutely no water there.
Has anyone else had anything like this? I’m at a complete loss at what’s happening.

I’d say quite normal for MS.

I can have the feeling I’m urinating all down my leg for 10+ minutes when I not. My feet feel like they are burning most of the time. The burning can actually spread upto my knees by the end of the day and also the intensity can worsen. Sometimes my feet feel like I’m standing on ice at the same time.

I can tell if I’ve just done too much on the days when it gets bad as it’s usually gone back to normal by morning. If it’s still bad in the morning I’ve either really overdone things and it’ll settle in a day or two of resting. If it’s still bad after a few days I could have an infection or it could be a relapse and worth contacting MS nurses. My Relapses, whether mild or severe usually come with other symptoms so I can usually tell the difference.

No your not going mad at all.What you describe is like i have got at times.I have also had feelings that i have really icy water that’s being poured into my veins from the top of my head all down my back.Then it feels like red hot liquid in my veins soon after.Its sensory symptoms that are quite common in MS.They are not nice at all.I also get the feeling that i have wet myself too when i haven’t at all lol.I thought i was going mad too when this was new to me.

I don’t like saying this because you can never be glad to hear about anyone’s MS symptoms, but thanks for the replies. I’ve had MS for about 15 years but I’ve never experienced anything like this before. In particular this is the first time I could say I’ve had painful symptoms. It’s reassuring to know that my weird symptoms are down to ‘my old enemy’ as I call it, and it doesn’t mean I’m just losing it!

I’ve got an appointment with my MS nurse next week so I’ll ask her if there’s anything I can do about it.

Dear Janet

I read the title of your post, smiled to myself and thought ‘probably’, most of us are!! I know I am.

In my (not very) humble opinion, I believe MS = weird feelings, strange sensations and a helping of ‘am I going loopyitis’.

Cold feelings, icy water sensations, odd prickly stuff. Chances are, all of your sensory weirdness, will have been experienced by some or all of us.

So in a nutshell, you’re not going any more crazy than me/us!


Thanks Sue. Xx

My situation hasn’t been helped by the fact that I had a new boiler fitted a few weeks ago and I’ve plagued my gasman with my ‘worries’ that my house must be leaking even though there’s no evidence of water when he looks about the place. I bet he thinks I’m losing it!!

It’s fine. Sure we’ve all been there. Always nice when someone else has or has experienced things we are. Doesn’t go just for MS either.

When I first saw a neuro before my actual diagnosis I had symptoms written down which I gave him. He had to ask what PAWSS meant as I used that as a title/header for some of them as I didn’t know the medical category and name to use. PAWSS = Pain And Weird Skin Sensations.

Fingers crossed the symptoms remain mild and have preferably gone by next week.

If it’s any comfort, I’ve actually learned to enjoy the sensation of raindrops on my forearms, but the first few years of it were disturbing, to say the least. Like Bongo, the wet or burning usually occurs when I’ve used those limbs too much and usually goes away by morning.

welcome to the funny farm.

I have been heard SCREAMING in the garden, and running around like a looney taking my trousers OFF. this was a long time ago and my husband rushing out to find me crying in pain. I have been stung by a bee i cried. oh my god, its doing it again, it felt like that maybe 3 stings really painful back of leg. he checked and nothing, nadar zilch.

water fall down the back of legs. oh dear i have sat on a damp patch. jeez how can you feel like you have put your hand in a patch of stinging nettles when you are sat watching the T.V. lol. i did mention that to the neurologist and he said ah yes MS crazy stuff lol.

wet freezing foot feels like i have walked through wet freezing grass with a hole in my welly.

hey who is pushing me, turn around no one there.

spiders oh my god no tarantula running over my forehead and me crying out, husband had to literally get me a mirror as yeh you guessed it nothing. crawlies over my face (was i detoxing lol), the house must be infested with fleas. not a thing.

more bee stings, nettle stings, then the pain in my left foot starts red hot and toe in spasm over time it has dragged my foot up. so bad now i have an appointment with orthotics in May. Jeez the pain when that toe goes up is unimaginable.

yeh MS crazy stuff, nerve overload always worse when i am hot or tired.

oh and chilblains ugh. the list is ongoing lol. xx


OMG Crazy Chick! Thanks to all for making me feel better. Maybe this is just one more thing I’ll have to learn to live with rather than giving myself such a hard time by dwelling on it so much. Even after 15 years, the sometimes bizarre nature of MS never fails to surprise me. Xx

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Walking on wet bubble wrap!! MS is ready to bite you any time.

Take care guys, be safe M

I have the feeling my feet are in ice cold water. It is so weird.

I’ve been feeling things crawling on me - of course nothing there! Legs feet and hips constantly cycle through burning, tingling, falling hot sand, bruised, crampy, zingy, zappy, fizzy and hit with a mallet feelings. Had one wet armpit for weeks, but it wasn’t! At the moment getting a feeling on backs of hands like someone blowing softly on them and electric zaps in head plus buzzing fingers.

I feel like I need to unplug my power supply to stop the malfunction! So, I’ll join the going loopy club xx

yes, tight wellington boots up to the knees on fire - and the joys of hot knees and ankles during the night!

I kind of wish I still had that feeling of wearing wellies that were eating my socks! Then I’d be walking!


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That was one of my sensations that prompted me to approach my GP! I felt like my socks were bunched up under my toes all the time. The GP said “Oh I get that too!”

I replied, “Really? do you get it when you’re not wearing any socks? i do” …

Looking back that seems so benign now. I still have that, but now also have pain in soles of feet and feel like all the little bones have been squished. I’m still walking my dog most days, but tend to get someone to come with me as she can pull me off balance so easily! I pay for it later in the day, but for now the pleasure of being out and about still outweighs the pain!

ah bless you hun, it cant be good. I am finding every time i walk now it is getting shorter distance, and every time i do something the after affects are exhausting. Its getting to the point i dont want to do anything.

pain is really bad at night. how can nerve pain cause so much havoc.